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A video uploaded to Facebook Sunday captured a Georgia sheriff's deputy's unlawful disregard for the First Amendment.

A trucker driving through Georgia was stopped by WCSO deputy J. Rozier. In an effort to hold his detaining officer accountable, Carl Eastman, decided to film his traffic stop.

Eastman is cordial as he approaches the back of his tractor-trailer to speak with deputy Rozier. After the two greet each other, Rozier realizes that he is being held accountable by Eastman's camera; he did not like this.

As Rozier asks for Eastman's bill of lading and ID, he then asks him if he'd mind putting down his camera.

"I have the right to record," explains Eastman.

But this Georgia deputy was apparently unfamiliar with the first amendment and began to threaten Eastman if he did not stop recording.

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"I'm gonna ask you one more time or you gonna be charged with disorderly conduct," says Rozier as he unlawfully threatens to arrest a man for practicing what has been deemed a right by multiple courts.

Eastman then attempts to put the camera down and leave it recording, but Rozier is adamant and continues his barrage.

"I'mma ask you nicely one more time to put that phone up," says Rozier as he deals the final death blow to Eastman's freedom of speech.

It has been clearly established that all Americans have the right to record the police. For an officer of the law to remain willingly ignorant to this precedent is at best, dereliction of duty, and at worst, unlawful deprivation of rights. Either way Deputy Rozier was completely in the wrong.

Apparently deputy Rozier doesn't know about the power of the internet and social media in exposing cops who deprive others of their rights. Share this article with your friends and family to show these rights violating law enforcement officers the power that we the people have to expose this nonsense.