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Marksville, LA — Norris Greenhouse Jr. has reached a plea deal with Louisiana Attorney General's Office. For this cop's role in murdering 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis, an innocent young boy, and shooting his father, he will only be receiving a sentence of seven and a half years.

The plea was offered in exchange for Greenhouse' guilty plea, who, along with fellow officer Derrick Stafford, killed Mardis and attempted to kill Christopher Few, Mardis' father, in a hail of gunfire following a low-speed vehicular chase. Given that Greenhouse initiated the chase and shooting, the fact that he is getting off with such a slap on the wrist is an insult to justice.

Stafford was convicted in March following a jury trial and was given 40 years in prison. Greenhouse, whose father is the assistant DA in Avoyelles Parish, LA, is obviously tapping into the special privilege of being so well-connected. As TFTP recently reported, Greenhouse came under fire for being allowed to leave the country to take a Caribbean vacation to St. Thomas while awaiting trial and out on bail—a privilege only well-connected children of government officials enjoy.

Infuriatingly enough, the person who seemed to have caused most of the conflict was Greenhouse, yet he was the one who got the more lenient sentence. It's unclear why. Many believe it's because his father is a member of the local district attorney's office, and was somehow given a sweeter deal than Stafford. At any rate, Greenhouse will only have to serve a maximum sentence of 7.5 years according to the

Greenhouse, at the time of the November 2015 killing, was not even allowed to be a police officer, but was with Stafford, an Avoyelles Parish officer. Greenhouse had reportedly been fired for having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old. He was also accused of attempting to get a 16-year-old girl to sext him by sending him nude photos of her breasts. With respect to Jeremy Mardis, Greenhouse was reportedly obsessed with Few’s girlfriend, Megan Dixon.

When Few discovered Greenhouse had made more than a few unwanted sexual advances toward Dixon, Few reportedly told Greenhouse to stay away as any man would do. Greenhouse may have taken the threat so literally that he attempted to carry out his assassination on Few in an effort to clear the way for him and Dixon to have a relationship.

When the facts came out that there was no reason for the stop—at all—the above scenario makes perfect sense.

According to the Greenhouse and Stafford, the officers decided to conduct a traffic stop that night because Few had an outstanding warrant. However, the Clerk of Court, the District Attorney’s Office, Marksville Police Department, and City Court noted that they did not have any warrants against him. The officers also claimed Few had a weapon, that was also a lie.

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The only reason Few ran from Greenhouse that night was to catch up with Dixon so he could give her Jeremy in case he was arrested.

"The whole reason there was even a chase was for his well-being,"he said.

The sick and twisted way Greenhouse not only supposedly led his life, but hid behind his badge in order to do it, ended in a hail of bullets which left Mardis dead, Few wounded, and two former officers charged in connection with the child’s death. How Greenhouse was even allowed to bail out was a mystery to many. His lenient treatment coupled with the confirmation the out of control former cop had been allowed to enjoy a vacation in the Caribbean, led many to predict this son of an assistant DA would enjoy a bit of immunity. You can’t make this up.

Greenhouse was charged with 2nd-degree murder and 2nd degree attempted murder in the death of Jeremy Mardis and the attempted murder of Christopher Few. His trial was previously scheduled for October 2nd, but with Greenhouse accepting the plea deal, he will avoid trial, do his time, and then be released sometime within the next 7.5 years.

While we at TFTP are happy the seemingly deranged and child sex-obsessed former police officer will do time behind bars for Mardis' killing, many questions still remain. If the judicial system is so effective in the U.S., how is it the person with the most number of sins in the case the one who gets out first? Stafford received 40 years for his trigger work that fateful evening, but Greenhouse, who arguably bore most of the moral burden for the crimes, only got 7.5 years. How in the world is that fair?

The case further illustrates the justice system in the United States is flawed, irreparable, and favors the well-connected with financial resources.

Greenhouse should never have been allowed into the police cruiser that evening. How was he allowed to make bail? Why did the court allow him to go on a vacation to the Caribbean? These questions, if they remain unanswered, will lead many to believe true justice is dead in the United States.