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The death of Sandra Bland in police custody has captured the nation's attention. Politicians, celebrities and now the hacktivist group Anonymous are questioning the events leading up to the death of the police brutality activist.

In the video, Anonymous mentions several theories that have been making their rounds on social media. These include the claim that Sandra Bland was already dead when police took her booking photograph, along with questioning the edited dashcam video that police dismiss as a "glitch".

The clandestine group of activists are now calling for a "day of rage", encouraging people to take to the streets in protest to demand answers to the innumerable questions about the death of Sandra Bland.

Although many of the circumstances surrounding Bland's death are questionable, it's important to note the facts that are incontrovertible. She was pulled over for the minor traffic violation of improperly using a turn signal; a traffic infraction that police commit daily, and a law that they are obviously above. Bland was then arrested for her failure to act like a slave and put out her cigarette, even though smoking is not against the law.

It is clear that Officer Encinia's contempt of Bland began when the woman began asserting her rights and questioning the law enforcer's orders. Encinia held Bland at taser-point when she questioned the reasoning of the officer's order to get out of her car. With so many documented taser deaths, it is safe to assume that having a taser pointed at you is nothing less than a death threat. The abuse of illegitimate power continued after that. Encinia was seen on video slamming Sandra Bland's head against the ground, even after Bland told him that she suffered from epilepsy.

With the public's heightened sense of police abuse, it's no wonder that the Sandra Bland official narrative is being scrutinized by the nation. This is what needs to happen if America intends to reverse the direction of the police state.

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The group states:

"The Anonymous collective is enraged at the failed attempt by Waller County PD and the Texas Trooper Association to mask a blatant act of crime against an innocent woman. And we will not stand as Sandra's death becomes another hashtag and then a statistic.

We, Anonymous, are calling on the citizens of the United States to commit to a day of rage for Sandra Bland and all who have been murdered at the hands of ruthless law enforcement officials who know no honor. Cities around the United States will rise up in unison and call for Sandra Bland's justice.

We, not as Anonymous but as citizens of the United States, are tired of the cycle of murders and coverups made by police departments across the nation. We demand that each police chief at each protesting city to come out to the crowds and renew their pledge to protect the people they serve. We also demand the immediate arrest of Brian Encinia and the resignation of both Waller County's District Attorney and the Waller County's Sheriff.

If you do not take Brian Encinia into custody, we will come after all of you. All your secrets will be leaked. You will all be vulnerable. We all know where you live.
This is for Sandra Bland. No mercy for murderers."