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Family releases heart wrenching cellphone footage of man dying in police custody.

The lawyer for a family whose patriarch died after a one-sided confrontation with police says officers may have continued beating the man even after he was already dead.

Luis Rodriguez died earlier this month after a confrontation with police outside the theater in Moore.

According to News 9 Oklahoma, Rodriguez's wife and daughter say police arrived and then started beating him.

The Rodriguez family's lawyer released a cellphone video of the incident and a statement at a Tuesday news conference in Oklahoma City.

The video shows 44-year-old Luis Rodriguez on his stomach on the ground outside the theater with five police officers restraining him. One officer holds Rodriguez's head down and the others are on top of him as they handcuff his hands behind his back.

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Rodriguez's wife, who shot the video, is later heard screaming and asking if Rodriguez is dead as he is placed on a stretcher.

During the chaos, the callous thug of a cop continues to harass the wife for her ID despite her pleas to see if her unconscious husband is alive.

Unapologetic state sanctioned murder is now commonplace. The bad apple analogy no longer holds water.

The entire law enforcement system, as it stands today, enforces immoral laws, punishes people for victimless crimes, and literally gets away with murder!

When they happen to be called to their ostensible duty to ‘protect and serve’ it’s a crap shoot whether or not the one who dialed 9-1-1 will end up as a victim instead of receiving help.

Families are torn apart, children grow up without parents, and good people live their entire lives as slaves in a prison, or end up dead, all because of personal choices that harm NO ONE, or because of thuggish negligence.

The entire system upholds this criminal premise and therefore unless you refuse to enforce these arbitrary and unscrupulous laws you are complicit in its criminality.

A complete paradigm shift is long overdue.