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April 17, 2014

A ridiculous "WTF" Cop moment was caught on camera during the filming of a documentary.

According to their website, Scrapped is a film that takes a journey into the world of the homeless and dehumanized, and the search for a way out.

The filmmakers were rolling a production camera when cops decided to approach and harass a homeless man for the dangerous crime of "sitting." They cared not about being on film enforcing such a ludicrous piece of legislation.

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The heroic cop informs the dangerous "sitter" that he cannot site in the alleys, nor in the streets, nor in the sidewalks in Denver.

When the cop is asked why people can't sit, he replies, "Because everybody would be sitting around homeless." "How about you let all the homeless sit in front of your house and see how you like it!"

Dear cop, at what level of stupidity, brutality, or dehumanization, would you refuse to enforce a law? Is there a cutoff? If tomorrow a law is passed that states anyone with brown hair is now illegal, would you be able to sleep at night, enforcing such an immoral decree handed to you from upon high?

Here is a tip cops, legality does not dictate morality. You'd do best to remember this truism in order to be on the right side of history.

Feature Image creditChris Yarzab