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Torrance, CA — In cities across the US, it is becoming increasingly illegal to sit for too long or sleep in public. Beat downs, humiliation, and arrests by police are, unfortunately, becoming a larger and larger part of the homeless culture.

Whether the dehumanization is to make way for the up and coming comic book festival or just a run of the mill sadistic police gang murder, homeless folks in the US are finding themselves in an increasingly hostile police state.

American police play the majority of the role and are almost never held accountable for thier actions. Cops in Saginaw, Michigan, who shot and killed homeless Saginaw resident Milton Hall, in firing squad fashion, during a confrontation in a shopping plaza parking lot were let off without facing any charges. Who cares about one dead homeless guy, right?

Well, that seems to be the prevailing mentality among police officers. After a cop in San Antonio was caught giving a homeless man a literal shit sandwich, apparently rampant abuse is now the norm.

Thanks to the good folks at the independent media outlet, ">Onus News Service, we now have more cops exposed for degrading and dehumanizing people for the sole reason that they do not have a home to live in.

A video uploaded to the Onus YouTube channel over the weekend shows just how much disdain some cops have for homeless people.

Cops in Torrence, CA were captured on video tormenting a homeless man for sleeping in a park.

Instead of walking up to the sleeping man and his dog and just saying, "Hey man, can you please wake up?" the officers — at 12:30 am in a residential area — took to blasting their noise maker and shining lights on him. However, that was just the beginning.

The two cops then walked over to the area, began picking up pieces of trash and lobbing them at the sleeping man and his dog.

Not content with the trash throwing, one officer took to hurling bottled water at the man as if he was some monkey in a zoo.

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Clearly, the homeless man was very tired — or scared to death that these cops were going to hurt him. So, he did not immediately get up. That's when the cops climbed over the tables to get a bird's eye view.

While standing above the sleeping man and his dog, one officer takes out his baton and begins prodding the man with it, like he's livestock.

Eventually, the man gets up and is forced to move on. His safe park sleeping spot now brutally ended.

Luckily he wasn't killed.

As they had nothing to charge him with, the man was not arrested. However, he was forced to pack up and find another place to go.

This man's treatment should come as no surprise, especially considering the horrific treatment of homeless people in California. As TFTP has previously reported, the City of Santa Ana has come up with an innovative and despotic way of keeping their homeless population in check — imprison them. The city is now party to a federal lawsuit over unreasonable seizure, false imprisonment, and due process violations.

Heading up the lawsuit on behalf of Michael Diehl, who has lived at the encampment for three years, is the ACLU of Southern California. The lawsuit demands the immediate removal of the 6-foot-tall chain-link fences penning in 75-100 people and their belongings.

“Defendants’ actions have not only illegally restricted the liberty of the homeless people living in the encampment, but it has also cut them off from access to food, water, and medical care thus threatening their health and well-being," the lawsuit states.

“Children, people with severe disabilities, the elderly and others are deprived of food, water and access to restrooms,” said ACLU homelessness policy analyst Eve Garrow. “The county should take action to rectify this egregious violation of basic human rights.”

After seeing how California is literally rounding up the homeless in concentration camps, hurling trash at a sleeping homeless man is seen as par for the course.