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Atlanta, GA — In the land of the free, if a police officer wishes to extort you — even for an infraction in which there is no victim — they can and will use violence to enforce that extortion. Angel Guice, who has never once had an interaction with police in her life, learned this the hard way over the weekend when an Atlanta police officer attacked her during an attempt at extortion.

The altercation happened Sunday night in the Shady Valley Park where Guice and her unnamed male friend were enjoying a peaceful summer night outside. That peace would come to an abrupt end, however, when officer Brooks, with the Atlanta police department showed up.

According to police Guice and her friend were in the park after it closed which is grounds for extortion. The couple did not know the park had closed less than an hour before the officer showed up. Instead of simply telling the couple — who were harming no one — to leave the park, officer Brooks decided to extort them with citations for being in the park after it closed.

A video posted to Instagram by Guice's sister shows what happened next. Originally, Guice, thinking she had done nothing wrong, told the officer she didn't want to sign the ticket. She then asked officer Brooks for his name and badge number.

Because she didn't sign the ticket fast enough, officer Brooks used his authority to kidnap Guice. This was in spite of the fact that Guice conceded that she would now sign the ticket.

“I know but I’m going to sign the ticket,” Guice says as officer Brooks begins to physically accost her.

"Put your hands behind your back,” Officer Brooks said.

“Mr. Brooks, I’m going to sign the ticket,” she says as he manhandles her — preparing to throw her in a cage for being in a park less than an hour after it closed.

Because Guice didn't want to be kidnapped and caged for visiting a park her taxes pay for, officer Brooks continued to escalate force. Guice was then thrown to the ground by the massive cop who was wearing a baclava for some reason.

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“I’m so scared my God,” Guice says as the cop twice her size mounts her, pulls out his taser and shoves it in her face as he holds her down on the ground.

After being physically assaulted, Guice was then put in handcuffs, taken to jail and thrown in a cage — over being in a park at night.

Not surprisingly, the Atlanta police department is standing behind the officer's actions, using Guice's initial unwillingness to sign the ticket as justification for violence against an otherwise entirely innocent woman.

In a lengthy statement, the APD said when a person refuses to sign a ticket, “the officer may then physically arrest the individual.”

Police said “she began actively resisting his efforts. This resulted in a physical altercation as the officer attempted to place her into custody.”

The statement read in part:

To address several issues the female brought up:

a. An officer is not required to read someone their Miranda rights prior to arresting them.

b. The officer was wearing a mask and rubber gloves in an effort to keep himself safe from communicable viruses or diseases and was authorized to do so.

c. If an officer explains you will be taken to jail for something and you choose to push the officer to that limit, you will end up in jail.

In the end, this incident began as an effort to address issues in our city parks. The officer clearly intended to issue a citation to each party and allow them to leave the park. Several unnecessary decisions, that were entirely out of our control, resulted in a physical altercation with an officer and the physical arrest of this individual.

This is a notion Guice's sister disagreed with when she posted the video of the altercation on Instagram, saying, "Where’s the respect as a citizen? Are we not aloud to ask questions about our rights without ego taking over. Why was a taser pulled out? Why was she frisked by a male officer? Aren’t police here to protect and serve? What kind of training is this?"

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