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Since its inception, the United State's immoral, unethical, vile, and downright evil war on drugs has cost the taxpayers over $1 trillion dollars. Every last penny of that trillion was wasted, and Americans have absolutely nothing to show for it but death and destruction.

A rational person would look back at the billions of dollars flushed down the toilet, the thousands killed, millions in prison, and countless lives ruined and admit they made a mistake. A rational person would realize that the war on drugs is not only an abject failure but that it's a bloody stain on the history of humankind.

The state is not rational.

In 1980, the United States had 50,000 people in prison for drug law violations. Today, that number has exponentially increased and now half of all of the people who are locked in cages throughout America's overcrowded, for-profit prison system are in there for drug offenses.

The United States has less than 5% of the world's population and 24% of the world's prison population. According to a US Department of Justice report published in 2006, over 7.2 million people were at that time in prison, on probation, or on parole.

It takes an especially conditioned and closed mind to enforce the war on drugs. To deprive someone of their freedom because they had a plant in their pocket is not "just doing your job," it is perpetuating evil.

There is zero justification for kidnapping someone and locking them in a cage for choosing to partake in an arbitrary substance deemed “illegal” by the state. Locking people in prison, even for non-crimes such as drug possession, guarantees a drastic increase in that person’s chances of ending up in the criminal justice system again.

The experts and even some cops agree that the drug war creates criminals, fosters violence and leads to the expansion of the police state, yet it continues. These incompetent tyrants can't even keep drugs out of prisons, yet they're still banging down doors, throwing grenades into cribs, shooting dogs, and killing innocent people in a futile attempt to keep drugs off the streets.

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Not only is the drug war showing no signs of slowing, but these monsters are actually doubling down on it! According to a Freedom of Information Act request carried out by Mother Jones magazinehundreds of police departments have been requesting armored combat vehicles to prevent you from obtaining a plant that is legal in five states.

What we are calling the militarization of police in this country has already taken place, on a large scale. We are now seeing a domestic military, pretending to be a police force; and all of it is funded and maintained because the state does not want you to be able to ingest certain substances. It is insanity.

According to the report by Mother Jones, the number one reason cited by police departments in their requests for mine-resistant, anti-rocket, armored vehicles from the Pentagon is to fight the war on drugs. Some of the departments specifically mentioned marijuana as the reason they need these vehicles.

The report exposed how brutally honest the departments were in these requests as hostage situations, terrorist attacks or armed gunmen were almost never cited as a reason for needing these mammoth trucks of war.


What is wrong with these people? Who thinks that attacking people with MRAPs because they are growing, selling or possess a plant is a good idea?

The good news is that the drug war’s days are numbered, especially seeing that it’s reached the White House, and they are taking action, even if it is symbolic. Evidence of this is everywhere. States are defying the federal government and refusing to lock people in cages for marijuana. Colorado and Washington served as a catalyst in a seemingly exponential awakening to the government’s immoral war.

Following suit were Oregon, D.C., and Alaska. Medical marijuana initiatives are becoming a constant part of legislative debates nationwide. We’ve even seen bills that would not only completely legalize marijuana but deregulate it entirely, like corn.

As more and more states refuse to kidnap and cage marijuana users, the drug war will continue to implode. We must be resilient in this fight.

If doing drugs bothers you, don’t do drugs. When you transition from holding an opinion — to using government violence to enforce your personal preference, you become the bad guy. Don’t be the bad guy.