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Pascagoula, MS -- A video was submitted to the Free Thought Project that allegedly catches a Mississippi Sheriff's deputy in a racist tirade.

The incident started during a session of XBOX live when a digital confrontation suddenly became heated. According to David, who submitted the video to us, he came across someone being racist in a chat lobby.

"I asked him If he wanted to buy food stamps as a random troll. He then blurted some racial words and I told him he sucked at the game," David tells the Free Thought Project.

After David had turned off the game, he noticed that the person who was making the racist comments had sent a message to him. In an effort to have some fun, David and his friends invited the racist gamer to their party.

The argument became so heated that the racist gamer revealed himself to David as a police officer.

"That's when he started to expose what cops really do in the streets of America," said David.

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"You're about to come to a paid police officer's house! I get paid to beat up n**gers like you! I get paid to beat up f**kin n**gers like you! I will fuck you up!" says the gamer. 

Then, in an effort to prove to David that he was an actual cop, the gamer gave up his address, his badge number, first and last name, his city and state, and what precinct he worked in, along with his phone number. He was apparently very serious about wanting to fight David.

Turns out that the phone number and information he gave David was for the Jackson County Sheriff's department in Jackson County, MS. He revealed himself to be Sheriff's Deputy Michael Smith, badge number 106.

The first call that the Free Thought Project made to the Jackson County Sheriff's office was answered by someone who could not confirm whether or not a Micheal Smith was employed with the department. But on the second call, the Jackson County Sheriff's office confirmed that a deputy Micheal Smith is employed there and goes out on patrol Tuesday night.

In the video below Smith and David, exchange some harsh words. Multiple threats are made by both parties. However, only one of the parties is responsible for protecting and serving the public.

By simply making a statement like he gets paid to "beat up niggas," Smith has proven himself to be derelict in his duties to enforce the law.

The vitriolic interchange begins around the 2:27 mark. David was kind enough not to publish this officer's address, despite their intense exchange.