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Broussard, LA — A St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s deputy has been cleared of any wrongdoing after threatening to drown an autistic girl who was screaming at the pool complex where the officer lived.

Lieutenant Kyra Cole left a voicemail with the front office of the apartment complex. In it she was recorded saying the following:

This same kid has been screaming for over an hour...(Cole said in a voicemail on October 4, 2019)...I cannot come home after work and just be at peace in my house and pay this amount of money to come home to this kid, and if I go outside I will probably drown them.

The verbal recorded threat was passed along to Cole’s superiors who found no official misconduct with the officer’s actions and statements. The St. Martin Parish’ Sheriff’s office issued the following statement as a result of the attention the story had garnered. It reads in part:

Our agency was made aware of this off-duty matter by the Broussard Police Department, who advised us that after filing a routine incident report they were not investigating the matter further. Action was taken by our agency in accordance with our general orders.

While the transcription appears to demonstrate the officer made a flippant comment, a threat which she probably had no intention of carrying out, the comment was concerning enough the apartment complex actually filed a police report with Broussard PD. They acted on the due diligence slogan “if you see something say something”.

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Cole’s comments highlight the very real problem police have with autistic citizens. As TFTP has consistently reported, when police make contact with autistic citizens, in many cases, the police contact does not end well.

Buckeye, AZ police officer David Grossman mistook a teenager’s “stemming” for methamphetamine use and threw the teenager to the ground, attacking him, and injuring his ankle and leg so badly the boy had to have surgery. Even with the violent take down, the family only had a few requirements for the officer involved.

The teenager’s family wanted an official apology, they wanted the officer to do community service within the autistic community, and they wanted to be able to train the other officers in the department on how to deal with students with special needs. That never happened. So, the family then sued for a reported  5 million dollars. 

Additionally, there is hardly ever any consequences it seems when cops go after autistic citizens. Ironically, Grossman was considered a Drug Recognition Expert, an ostensible title given to the officer for attending drug impairment training. Police accountability activists recognize the title as a way for the police state to throw the book at DUI suspects. However, as we now know, the 2016 Buckey PD Officer of the Year, Mr. Grossman couldn’t even expertly determine an autistic individual from a drug addict.

Fortunately, for the autistic Louisiana girl who couldn’t stop screaming at the pool, Officer Cole did not initiate off-duty police contact with the child. Instead, she just left a disturbing voicemail on the apartment’s phone system threatening to drown the kid.

Remember folks, there’s our system of justice, which would have used Red-Flag laws to take away our guns, and then there’s their system of justice which gives them the proverbial slap on the wrist. The system is broken, just simply screwed up, and we the people are losing.