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"If we go by [and search you] and you're clean, you get to go out the front door."

Louisville, KY -- A video posted to youtube Wednesday captured a disgusting violation of rights, on a massive scale by Louisville Metro Police Department officers at a local bar.

The video was taken Tuesday night at a bar called Cahoots on Bardstown road in Louisville. The video shows the start of LMPD officers detaining and frisking every single customer in the bar, and refusing to let them leave unless they consented to being searched.

According to WDRB, LMPD said they were assisting the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) office of metro government, and that it isn't their case, but the raid had something to do with the establishment's liquor license. Calls to Alcoholic Beverage Control went unanswered.

Under the guidelines of the ABC, the only thing officers can legally do in a liquor license related issue is ask customers to show ID to prove they are of the legal age to drink.

Detaining and frisking every patron in a bar is not only horrifically ego-maniacal, but without probable cause, it is illegal. These cops clearly broke the law, and it was caught on camera. 

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In Terry v. Ohio, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a person can be stopped and briefly detained by a police officer based on a reasonable suspicion of involvement in a punishable crime. There is no possible way these officers could have suspected every person in this bar of being involved in a crime.

According to Devon Arnold, the man who took the video in the bar, they were forced to consent under duress.

These officers did not give us an option - on the contrary they made me come inside the bar when I was out front. They then forced everyone into the back room and had us "sit down and don't move." At no point did they even suggest we had the right to refuse anything. It's typical cop bullshit using intimidation to try and get us to incriminate ourselves. Heaven forbid if anyone in that room had tried to just stand up and walk out... They stated, as fact, that every person would be frisked before leaving. They were aggressive, intimidating and not answering questions or listening to concerns. Next time you have 5-6 large cops surrounding you telling you to sit down and not move I urge you to simply stand up and "walk out."

Police have not revealed how man arrests were made during this illegal mass detainment. However, if anyone was arrested due to this illegal action, they will have a good case to have all charges dropped.

These officers should be brought up on charges immediately and fired. Their actions are not conducive to serving and protecting in a free society.

This type of police behavior should be exposed. Please share this article with everyone as to prevent any further massive misconduct.

If you'd like to peacefully express your discontent with the actions of these officers you can do so at this link.