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Rochester, NY -- An infuriating video was uploaded to Facebook this week showing what happens when cops see an innocent man walk outside of his house for less than a minute. The video is a telling example of what people of color are forced to deal with on a daily basis all across the country.

After she got off of work, Nishsean Napier's mother, tired from a full day's work, asked her son to move her car to the right side of the road so she wouldn't be extorted by cops who ticket cars for victimless crimes such as parking on the wrong side of the road.

Napier was outside of his home for less than a minute before he was targeted by Rochester Police Officer Laureano -- for looking at him.

Napier had committed no crime, was not in the act of committing a crime, and had done nothing wrong when Laureano targeted him for harassment. Napier, clearly confident that he had broken no law, pulled out his camera and questioned the officer's presence.

"Why are you here?" asks Napier before demanding the officer get off of his property.

In spite of being told to leave, Laureano insisted on trespassing to demand Napier give him his name.

Napier, who had every reason in the world to be upset with the fact that cops were trespassing on his private property, did seem perturbed, but he maintained his cool. The same cannot be said for his mother, however.

Napier's mother is obviously not a reader of the Free Thought Project who has shown countless reasons and even provided police testimony as to why you never talk to the cops -- ever, under any circumstances -- even if you are innocent.

Choosing not to assert her fifth amendment right to remain silent, Napier's mother engages with police and demands her son cooperate. So, she begins to give the officer her son's information.

At this point, the officer explains to Napier's mother why he is trespassing and harassing her son. His reason is absurd as it is tyrannical.

"He was staring at me as I drove by. Then he gets out of his car after I drive by, and he looks back at it," says Laureano of the reason he is on their doorstep.

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Who doesn't look back at their car after they park it, either to make sure it is locked, or make sure it is parked correctly?

Also, this officer's actions could explain exactly why Napier waited until the officer passed him by before he decided to get out. Napier most likely knew that this officer could profile and harass him. Ironically, however, that is exactly what happened.

In his Facebook Post, Napier explained what happened.

OK so, a couple hours ago my mom simply asked me can I move her car to the other side of the street so she doesn't get a ticket?. I walk outside, in the middle of making an instagram post I notice two cop cars?? riding slowly looking as if they are looking?? to start trouble with anyone that blinked the wrong way⁉I park the car after not even being outside a full 60 seconds⌚RPD(Rochester Police Department)? slowly rides by me mean mugging me? stops to watch me walk towards the front door. They then pull up on me as if I just "robbed a bank" and soon as I seen what was about to take place I hit record?.. so basically I'm sharing this random, yet horrible experience I just had with RPD? to show everyone that is not aware of the complications young black men deal with on a daily basis "just for breathing"? idk what thoughts this video might leave you with, just be glad it wasn't you?

Below is the video of this harassment.

Luckily for Napier, these cops realized they had no legal grounds to be there and then left. However, other folks aren't so lucky.

As the Free Thought Project has previously reported, cops harassing innocent people often escalate these stops to deadly violence.

In fact, a disturbing precedent has just been set in a federal appeals court which ruled in favor of police who knocked on the wrong door at 1:30 am, failed to identify themselves, and then repeatedly shot the innocent homeowner until he died.

The homeowner, 26-year-old Andrew Scott had committed no crime when officers came to his home that night. But they killed him anyway and kept their jobs.

In the land of the free, those who claim they have sworn to protect you, can come to your house and kill you, and face no consequences.

h/t Davy V