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Houston, TX — An innocent man is fighting for his life this week after an undercover cop in a pickup truck shot him. Keith Martin, 45, never imagined his mobile car detailing business would get him shot, but because his potential customer was a trigger happy cop, that's exactly what happened.

Showing just how backward the justice system is in this country is the fact that after this innocent man was shot by the undercover cop, he was arrested—not the cop who shot him.

According to police, the incident unfolded on Jan. 9 as two plain-clothed undercover officers were conducting surveillance in an unmarked Chevrolet Silverado in a Walgreen’s parking lot. It was 1:20 p.m. in broad daylight when Martin approached the truck and asked to wash the windows. This happens in parking lots and street corners across the country every day and no one gets shot doing it. This time was different, however.

Naturally, police are now painting their unarmed and innocent victim as a dangerous terrorist who caused them to fear for their lives—by trying to wash their windows.

According to police, they claim Martin walked around the truck and looked inside. They claim he gestured for the officers to get out of the truck and struck the hood of the truck with his hands. They also claim he tried to open the door to the truck and said he “had something for the officers,” according to police.

As the Chronicle reports:

Police described Martin as “incredibly angry and agitated” that the pickup doors were locked and that the officers wouldn’t exit the vehicle.

Martin, again stating he had something for the officers, walked to the front of the truck and removed his backpack, police said. He stuck his hand inside and raised the bag “in a manner that looked like he had a gun in it and was about to begin firing at (the officers),” according to the department’s news release.

But there was no gun. Inside Martin's bag were cleaning supplies for this car detailing service. It appears that the cop's fear in this situation led to an innocent man being shot for no reason. Andre Evans, an attorney representing Martin, agrees and pointed out the fact that only the officer in the passenger seat fired—meaning the other cop wasn't threatened.

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“From the evidence gathered, only one of the two officers sitting in the vehicle fired their weapon—indicating that the officer’s belief that Martin was reaching for a weapon was unreasonable,” according to Evans’ statement.

Now, as Martin is painted as a terrorist, the undercover cop who shot the innocent man through the windshield of his truck has been granted special privileges of anonymity “due to the nature of the officer’s assignment,” police said.

“Mr. Martin was simply trying to earn a living when he was met with several bullets,” Evans said in the statement. What's more, according to Evans, the official police account of the situation was not true and the description police gave of Martin never happened.

According to the Chronicle:

Evans said Martin disputes several points in the police narrative. According to Evans, Martin said he did not attempt to open the doors of the vehicle or ask the officer’s to get out. While Martin did verbally offer his services, he denies saying “I got something for you,” according to Evans.

Evans said Martin walked to the front of the pickup because “ the windows were rolled up and he did not think the occupants could hear him.” Martin didn’t realize he was shot until he “felt moisture” and saw blood coming from his wounds, Evans said.

Despite police claiming they feared for their lives, this entire situation seems to have spawned from a frightened cop who was so scared of an innocent man trying to clean his windshield that he shot him. Had Martin actually posed a threat he would've had something besides cleaning supplies in his bag.

Had the person who shot Martin not been a cop, rest assured they would be the one in jail right now. Instead, because the attempted murder was carried out by a person with a badge, Martin is recovering from his gunshot wounds in a cage this very minute. He's been charged with making a terroristic threat.

Evans is now asking the court to throw out the charges against his client and is demanding a civil rights investigation into the incident, citing racial bias. Hopefully the judge see the facts in this case and this innocent man is released immediately.