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"Why did you shoot me?"

May 15, 2014

San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputies were looking for a murder suspect when they came upon Keivon Young.

Because of their negligence and incompetence, deputies mistook Young for the murderer, did not identify themselves, and fired 13 rounds at him, luckily only wounding him.

According to their report, deputies said they saw Young "sneaking through the people's front yards and hiding behind bushes."

They said that they fired their weapons after they said Young reached into his waistband and "withdrew two knives." However, their own transcripts show that the knives came out after the shooting.

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The cops were probably relieved when they saw that Young had knives on him after they shot him, as it now gave them a false reason for shooting an innocent person.

Young was charged with several felonies, none of which hold water, and he has been in prison since this happened in January.

"They are literally getting payback on this kid because they recognize down the road he is likely to sue them for a civil rights violation and use of excessive force," said Young's attorney Martin Kaufman.

This poor kid is now rotting in a jail cell because of corrupt cops who couldn't take responsibility for their own actions.

Below is the bombshell report conducted by NBC Los Angeles.