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New York, NY — An internal investigation has been launched after multiple videos have surfaced this week showing an NYPD police officer behaving recklessly and endangering multiple innocent lives, including children—by dangerously barrelling down a sidewalk—in his police cruiser.

On Wednesday afternoon, in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn, an NYPD police vehicle is recorded driving onto the sidewalk. The car plows down the busy sidewalk as pedestrians scramble to jump out of the way. As the video shows, a father is seen pulling his child out of the way of the vehicle as it nearly crushes him.

According to, a police source confirmed that the officer continued to the NYPD’s 66 Precinct using his lights and sirens on 16th Avenue and 59th Street. He then backed the vehicle into an “angle-parking spot” used for police vehicles and walked into the building.

Because he simply walked into the building, and because it was the police station, we can assume that the "emergency" this cop will likely claim he was responding to was most likely minor, if real at all. The internal investigation is reportedly determining the nature of the response given this cop's dangerous and reckless driving.

Given the fact that New Yorkers just experienced a horrific terror attack in which a man killed multiple people and wounded several others by plowing over them on a bike path, this officer's careless operation of his vehicle becomes that much more abhorrent.

As TFTP has previously reported, New York cops are no strangers to using their police status and blue privilege to break traffic laws for convenience.

In a video submitted to us from an anonymous source in September, we see this blue privilege in action in New York and the result is nothing short of infuriating. If the average person wants to purchase a coffee at Starbucks, they, like everyone else, would have to park in a legal parking spot and then go inside—but not if you are a cop.

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As the video begins, we see three NYPD police officers whose desire for coffee outweighed their concern for other people trying to drive on the road. Unconcerned with finding a parking spot, these officers simply parked their car in the middle of the road.

Had this been a rural area or a less busy street, perhaps it wouldn't have been as insulting. However, this was a very busy street and police could not have cared less about creating a massive traffic problem by blocking an entire lane of traffic. After all—they had to get their Starbucks.

As the man filming shows, the officers are not responding to a call or an emergency and are only stopping for coffee. They clearly felt that their coffee was more important than all the other motorists trying to get to work or drop kids off at school or merely trying to drive somewhere without sitting in a senseless traffic jam caused by cops.

But the abuse of power and blue privilege doesn't stop at coffee, it's used for pizza too.

As TFTP reported earlier this month, in a gross abuse of power, a New York cop was caught on video blocking a bus stop—with his emergency lights engaged—to get pizza. Luckily, there was a vigilant citizen there to catch this peace officer on video as he broke the law to enjoy his lunch.

The embarrassed cop was shut down and subsequently fled with his tail between his legs in a fit of shame.

In spite of reporting this cop's unlawful behavior, it appears that he and the team of cops who caused a traffic jam for their coffee have faced no punishment. We can only assume that the reckless cop who nearly plowed down children to reach his "emergency" will receive a similar response from superiors.