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Dallas, TX -- An intense cell phone video was published to the DART police facebook page over the weekend which showed a potentially dangerous situation for both citizens and police.

The video is of an incident which occurred on May 7, but for some reason the poster waited until now to release it.

As the video begins, we see a DART police officer attempting to arrest a man who had been allegedly banned from having access to the DART system.

According to DART spokesman, Morgan Lyons, the man had been banned from the station, and the officer was trying to arrest him, but the suspect was fighting.

As onlookers see a police officer with his arm around a man's neck, they begin to voice their concern. But things do not escalate to dangerous levels until a passerby asks the cop if he needs help, and the cop says yes. The passerby then steps in to aid in the arrest.

The rendering of aid to the officer set the crowd off. They did not want to see a civilian helping in what may or may not have been an unjustifiable arrest.

Several of the onlookers attempt to pull the citizen away and the scenario was on the verge of exploding. However, as another officer shows up, the incident begins to calm down.

According to KDFW,

Lyons says all law enforcement officers are in challenging situations right now because of mistrust after Ferguson, the Eric Garner chokehold death in New York and the Freddie Gray in-custody death in Baltimore.

He says DART has begun an investigation to review the officer's actions, including the hold he had on the suspect because chokeholds are a violation of DART policy.

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After the myriad of videos surfacing in the last 12 months alone of police killing non-violent, unarmed, and often entirely innocent people, it is no wonder that the onlookers were upset with this scenario.

This officer could have been arrested a hardened criminal who'd just assaulted an old lady, but do to the mistrust created by the vastly corrupt thin blue line, the man's guilt or innocence was of no consequence.

The numbers show that the state targets the poor and minorities as they have little recourse and no means of legally fighting back. Fathers are torn from families and thrown into corporatist prisons for simply selling a plant. The prisons constantly demand more prisoners to be filled to capacity. Children grow up in broken families as they watch their dads beaten down and hauled off to prison. Of course anger is brewing.

The system then leaves these young men and women growing up with struggling mothers barely able to make ends meat, and they’re left with very few options; join the military or go to prison.

The cycle feeds on itself, creating a dependency on the very paradigm that is keeping people in perpetual plight through extortion and minimal handouts.

Generation after generation has been growing up in the welfare-warfare state and it has slowly become the norm. When the people in the community get angry enough to take to the streets their misplaced aggression is taken out on the very thing that could actually free them from this cycle, local commerce.

This just anger is then obfuscated and used to create further divide as the media portrays it as animalistic and based in racist hate. Sadly this disinformation becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy and people begin to believe the lies as truth. Poverty is blamed on the rich by the state while the politicians silently vote themselves into the 1%.

If this video shows us anything, it is that the time for radical change is now. A silent civil war is brewing in the streets, but it is not inevitable. To see what you can do to affect this peaceful change, take a look through our #Solutions section.