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Apparently the fact that his fellow officer was wearing a uniform was irrelevant. Kick to the head first ask questions later.

Brooklyn, NY -- An undercover NYPD cop was hurrying in to help fellow officers who were making an arrest when he apparently mistook a colleague for a suspect and kicked him in the head.

A video obtained by On the Inside, taken by Rod Risbrook, documents the incident.

The undercover officer wearing a gray hoodie, is seen walking up to a uniformed officer, who is wrestling with a suspect, and kicks him right in the head.

The undercover officer apparently had no idea what he was walking up to, other than a fight between a suspect and a cop. But his lack of information did not stop him from kicking heads first and asking questions later.

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Apparently the struggle began over an alleged fair-dodger. When the situation escalated into violence, the soon to be victim cop grabs the suspect in a choke hold and brings him to the ground.

Actually, it was most likely a 'headlock' and not a 'choke hold' as choke holds are illegal for the NYPD to use and the NYPD would never do anything illegal. *end sarcasm*

Shortly after going to the ground, the two are entangled and here comes officer "confused and aggressive." Around the 15 second mark in the video, officer "confused and aggressive" kicks his fellow choke holding officer in the head. Realizing his error, he rubs the head of the officer who he just kicked, in an attempt to acknowledge his mistake.

According to On the Inside, the undercover anti-crime unit officer from the 60th Precinct, whose identity was not released, was stripped of his gun and badge and placed on modified duty after the 90-second clip surfaced, officials said. The incident is now being investigated by the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau along with the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson, officials say.