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Remember that time the LAPD executed a man on live television?

On Wednesday, Los Angeles City Council voted on a five million dollar settlement to his family. The lawsuit filed by the man's parents, alleged that police were inadequately trained, used excessive force and committed battery and negligence, ABC reports.

Brian Beaird was a 51 year old disabled veteran who was discharged from the National Guard after a botched surgery on a brain tumor in the late 80s. He also suffered from schizophrenia, which may explain his actions that fateful evening.

The incident began on the evening of December 13, 2013, with LAPD in pursuit of his silver corvette for reckless driving. Beaird lead officers on quite a chase, eventually hitting another vehicle in a terribly violent crash.

At some point before the televised execution Beaird reportedly called his 80 year old father to say that police were chasing him and his father urged him to pull over- to no avail, his father then watched his son die on television, he told the Los Angeles Times in heart-breaking detail.

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A KTLA helicopter hovered overhead catching every chilling second of the action, clearly not expecting what would happen.

This man, who told his father he was afraid, likely needed help and ran from the car with his hands in the air, he was gunned down by multiple bullets just seconds later.

The well deserved settlement will not be paid by the killer cops but by the people of Los Angeles, once again. Just last month we reported on the 1.8 million dollar settlement that David Perdue, one of several innocent people shot at during LAPD’s vengeful kill mission for Christopher Dorner, will recieve from the tax payers.

"It implicitly says they acknowledge that the shooting was inappropriate and should not have happened," his lawyer told ABC regarding the settlement. He continued on to say, "it seems to take a video to really force their hand in settling a case like this."

If people aren't angry about the brutality itself, maybe its time we start showing them the bills. Perhaps if there was enough outrage and these cops had to start paying these settlements out of their own wallets instead of ours they would be less likely to pull triggers on unarmed men.