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Los Angeles, CA — In one of the strangest and most disgusting cases TFTP has ever reported, an LAPD cop is now under investigation after he was reportedly caught on his own body camera fondling a dead woman's breasts.

The incident was never reported and only discovered after the LAPD conducted a random review of its officers' body camera footage and a whistleblower leaked it to the press.

KTLA reports:

The Los Angeles Police Department officer and a partner had responded to a report of a body at a residence, the person said. The officer fondled the corpse’s breasts when his partner was not in the room.

The person, who was not authorized to publicly discuss the case and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said officials conducted a random inspection of the officer’s body camera videos and found the incriminating footage.

The officer had disabled the body camera but the act was caught on video when he turned it back on, the person said, because the devices have two-minute buffering periods to capture what happens right before they are activated.

LAPD spokesperson Josh Rubenstein refused to name the cop involved and refused to comment on the allegations, saying only that the unidentified officer has been placed on paid administrative leave.

“We immediately launched an administrative investigation once we learned about the incident,” chief spokesman Rubenstein said, “and we assigned the officer to home.” He declined to comment further.

Assistant Chief Robert Arcos called the recording “very disturbing.”

“If this allegation is true, then the behavior exhibited by this officer is not only wrong, but extremely disturbing, and does not align with the values we, as police officers, hold dear and these values include respect and reverence for the deceased,” the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union that represents rank-and-file officers, said in a statement. “This behavior has no place in law enforcement."

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According to the report, the LAPD whistleblower who exposed the cop for fondling the dead woman's breasts said they had no idea when it happened. Although the LAPD necrophile tried to hide his actions by turning off his body camera before disgustingly fondling the dead woman's breasts, the camera's built in function caught him anyway.

As the LA Times, who first broke this story, reports, when an LAPD officer turns his or her camera on, it automatically begins saving video and audio starting two minutes prior to the activation. It’s unclear for how long the officer fondled the dead woman or what triggered him to later activate the camera.

Had the LAPD not started the policy of randomly reviewing body camera footage, this horrible act would have never been discovered. According to the report, the LAPD collects over 14,000 videos every single day and has over 2.1 million hours of footage. This leaves us wondering how many other acts of depravity are documented on cameras these cops thought they were turning off.

While this case is certainly one of the most disgusting acts we've reported on that has been captured on body camera footage, it is definitely not the first time a cop thought his camera was off and got busted. Last year, TFTP reported on another instance within the LAPD in which a man was vindicated after an officer's body camera captured him planting drugs.

As we reported at the time, a Los Angeles man escaped serious charges after being exonerated by police body camera footage which showed officers planting a baggy of cocaine into his wallet. Thanks to a persistent local media station out of Los Angeles, this body camera footage was released publicly and played a major role in the charges being dropped against 52-year-old Ronald Shields.

Attorney Steve Levine said he believed that body camera footage from his client's arrest shows LAPD officers planting drugs. He also noticed several inconsistencies in the video that contradict statements the officers made in their police reports. The footage stems from Shields' arrest in 2017 after he panicked at an accident scene and fled.

In January of 2018, the case came to an end as the charges of felony hit and run, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and drug possession were all dropped. Because he did admit to fleeing the scene of an accident, Shields pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor hit and run.

Levine told reporters that the body camera footage has a "very big bearing" on the outcome his client's case. Indeed it did as Shields was facing the possibility of years in prison.