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Los Angeles, CA-- Not even 24 hours after solidarity die-in's for Eric Garner wrapped up on the corner of Hollywood and Highland, the Los Angeles Police Department has repeatedly shot a man, reportedly in the head, on the exact same corner. The incident occurred shortly before 7pm on Friday evening.

Thursday evening, at Hollywood and Highland:

The only information released so far is that the man was transported to the hospital in critical condition and was allegedly armed with a knife- a fact that witnesses are already disputing. Shortly after 10pm the LAPD announced he died.


While his condition was unknown, one witness, Jordan White, wrote on Facebook:

"He died right in front of me, then a squad of police rolled up and put his dead body in handcuffs, what the FUCK LAPD"

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White also stated that he heard at least 10 shots fired.

Friday evening on Hollywood and Highland:

LAPD later tweeted this photo of the alleged weapon, a small un-extended knife. Its a bit troubling that either those who are supposed to "serve and protect" could not disarm someone with this weapon, or far worse that they chose not to. Warning: Video contains horrific footage


Post by Jordan White.

There really is something extremely morbid and unsettling about the police shooting someone in the head at the exact spot where a protest against police violence occurred less than 24 hours before.

UPDATE: Around 10pm pst LAPD announced the victim died.