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Houston, TX - A police officer was recently suspended after it was discovered that he was mailing speeding tickets to random people who were not even driving in the area at the time. Officer David Carter is now under investigation because a number of drivers disputed their tickets, and it was determined that it would have been impossible for them to be speeding in the area where they were accused.

Emanuel Morfin is one of the drivers who caught on to Carter's scam, and he told KHOU that he was mailed a speeding ticket for a date that he was out of town.

“Actually I was down south in South Texas, so I'm like, well how am I speeding in Houston if I'm out of town? It was kind of ridiculous I was kind of shocked,” Morfin said.

Morfin wasn't alone either, Carter regularly wrote tickets and assigned them to random vehicles, although it has not been determined how he picked his victims.

Larry Karson, Criminal Justice Professor at the University of Houston said that none of the tickets are valid if the actual driver of the car can't be identified

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"You have an officer who is abusing their discretionary authority. You have no idea who's driving that car. You're sending that ticket to a registered owner, who may or may not be behind the wheel,” Karson said.

Carter tried to explain some of the tickets by saying that he tailed people in his personal vehicle.

"He's actually making the situation worse because what he's doing is he's becoming another vehicle flying down at 90 miles an hour and no one knows that he is a police officer. All they know it's another crazy person on the highway,” Karson said.

Randy Zamora, criminal law division chief with city’s legal department said that all of the cases in question will be dismissed.

“I do not believe the citizens had any knowledge of the citations. Therefore, I did not think it was in the interest of justice to prosecute the cases and asked that all of the citations be dismissed,” he said.

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