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Louisville, KY — The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department (LMPD) has gotten a lot of attention since several of their officers broke into an innocent couple's home and murdered accomplished EMT, Breonna Taylor. But under the radar, multiple other crimes have taken place and have received little to no media coverage.

Just last month, TFTP reported on the case of LMPD officer Brad Schuhmann, 32, who was arrested for his role in a child sex ring run by several LMPD cops. Despite horrifying details coming out in the case against Schuhmann, he was granted a sweetheart plea deal in which he will avoid jail for sexually abusing a little girl in the department's explorer program.

Another cop from this department, who took part in the murder of Breonna Taylor, officer Brett Hankison was accused of picking up drunk women from a local bar in his police cruiser, and raping them. 

Once again, due to the horrifying crimes of officer Robert Jones Jr., the LMPD is back on the radar of TFTP but receiving very little coverage in the media. Jones was arrested over the weekend at his home in Louisville and is now faces a laundry list of charges.

Jones is accused of invading a woman's home, holding a gun to her head, and beating her for several hours while keeping her prisoner in the basement. He now faces charges of first-degree burglary, first-degree unlawful imprisonment, first-degree wanton endangerment and fourth-degree domestic violence assault causing minor injury, according to court records.

According to court records, on April 11, 2021, Jones forced his way into his victim's home while armed with a handgun. Once inside, all hell broke loose as this monster locked the door behind him and attacking his victim.

"A physical altercation ensued in the living room that continued into the bedroom," the citation said. "Once the bedroom, (Jones) took victim's handgun that was on the nightstand and secured it...(Jones) straddled and pinned victim on the bed."

Likely thinking she was about to die, the victim "yelled for Siri to call 911." Unfortunately, the Apple device did not hear her and the abuse continued.

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As the Courier Journal reports:

Jones then placed his hand over the victim's mouth and placed a handgun to her forehead, according to the citation.

He also placed his elbow and forearm on the victim's throat and chest area while on the bed, the citation said.

Once they moved back to the living room, Jones allegedly demanded the victim's phone and tried to access it.

The two struggled at the top of the steps, with the victim then falling down the steps and landing against drywall, damaging it, the citation said.

Jones led the victim to a back room in the basement, closed the door behind them and blocked the victim from exiting as he continued to berate and "accuse the victim of cheating," the citaiton said.

He also allegedly struck the victim multiple times in the hand, wrist and feet and restrained her, the citation said.

According to the victim, this abuse lasted for several hours and every time she attempted to break free, she was body slammed and held down. According to the victim, Jones apparently "began to apologize" once he saw the "immediate swelling and bruising" he caused to her face.

According to the report, Jones then began coaching his victim on "what lie she could tell to explain how she received the injury."

Before fleeing the victim's residence, Jones allegedly grabbed the woman by her throat so hard that it left his hand print on her neck. On Friday, the woman finally got up enough courage to file a protective order against her abuser and Jones was arrested later that day.

Jones was arraigned on Saturday at which time he was ordered to turn in all of his weapons and have no contact with the victim. His bond was set at $30,000. It is unclear if he posted bond as of the writing of this article.

"The department fully respects the judicial process, but to be clear, acts of domestic violence by employees will not be tolerated at any level," Louisville Metro Police Chief Erika Shields said following Jones' arrest.

However, despite the overwhelming physical evidence in the case — gun barrel marks on the victim's face, multiple contusions from punches, bruises from her neck to her ankles — Jones has not been fired. LMPD spokeswoman Alicia Smiley said the PIU is "conducting a thorough and ongoing investigation of this incident" and that Jones has merely been reassigned.