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Sylmar, CA-- John Flores IV was driving to work early on the morning of Jan. 20, when he alleges he was pulled over by an LAPD vehicle. He says he was then kidnapped and assaulted.

Flores alleges that it is the same LASPD (Los Angeles School Police Department) officer that he had previously filed a civil suit against over multiple attacks during his freshman year in high school.

When Flores was pulled over on the 20th, he explains that he was instructed to lay on the hood of his car by LASPD officer Amirfar Zariett, who he immediately recognized. He explains that he was then handcuffed and arrested without any explanation.

“He didn’t tell me I was under arrest,” Flores told the San Fernando Sun. Zariett allegedly didn’t ask for Flores’ driver's license or registration, either.

There was another officer in the vehicle with Zariett, but Flores never saw the officer's face. He was allegedly put into the back seat of the police cruiser and was told "we’re going to go for a ride."

Flores claims that the officers drove a short distance away before Zariett yanked him out of the vehicle and rammed his baton into Flores' stomach- knocking the wind out of him. He says the officer then put him back into the vehicle and told him that he “knows my dad takes my mom to work at 5 a.m.” He was never charged with a crime nor was he arrested.

Upon arriving back at his vehicle, Flores called his father for help. His father immediately called 9-11, and a dispatcher told him another officer would be dispatched to the location.

No officers ever showed up.

His father reportedly received a phone call approximately a half an hour later from a supervisor stating that no officers would be going to the location, for fear of an ambush.

Undeterred, Flores and his father then went to the LAPD Mission Station to report the incident, but were allegedly not allowed to file a proper police report.

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Flores and his father said that they gave an account of what happened to an officer at the front desk who wrote it out on a piece of paper which the father signed. He was not given a report number or any further assistance.

His father then took Flores to the emergency room where the doctors found contusions on his stomach and a bruise on his liver.

Neither the family nor the San Fernando Sun has received a response from the LASPD in regards to this most recent incident.

If all of that isn't ominous enough, the connection between Flores and this officer goes back to when Flores was only a freshman in high school.

His father told the Sun that it all began after Zariett threw his son against a fence for allegedly no reason. The angry father confronted the officer, but three weeks later, Flores says he was assaulted again. The next time, Flores was having his head bashed into the wall of an empty ladies room at his school. The harassment reportedly continued from there.

The Los Angeles Unified School District conducted an investigation into the incidents and decided that Zariett had not done anything wrong.

The family ultimately decided to transfer their son to other schools, twice, but say they still couldn't escape from the officer's persistent bullying, claiming the officer “seemed to find him.”

The family filed an 11 count civil lawsuit against the officer, the district and the LASPD, but ended up losing their case.

They are now fearful of further retaliation and are seeking witnesses who may have seen the incident on Jan 20, between 7:30 and 8 am, along Laurel Canyon Boulevard, just before it intersects Hubbard Street.

They ask that if you witnessed anything to contact the San Fernando Valley Sun/El Sol at (818) 365-3111, Ext. 150 or email [email protected]

“I’m being oppressed by the oppressor,” Flores said.

“My wife is being followed. I see cop cars by the house all the time. It sounds outrageous, but that’s what’s happening," added John Flores III.

“If he does this to me, what is he going to do to my daughter? I’m just scared. My wife drives the same car. What if she’s driving and this happens again?” Flores questioned.

“He (Zariett) is crazy in the head and he won’t stop until I’m dead,” Flores added.

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