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Del Paso Heights, CA — Dashcam video of an incident the Free Thought Project reported earlier this month shows just how far police are willing to go to extort people for jaywalking — or alleged jaywalking. It also shows how some cops react when their manhood is brought into question by those they are trying to extort. However, according to a recent lawsuit, the one abusive cop was only the tip of the iceberg for victim, Nandi Cain Jr.

As we reported previously, Nandi Cain Jr. was crossing the street when a Sacramento police officer approached him. As seen in the video, the pair exchanged some words just before the officer charged Cain and began choking and beating him. He was then arrested.

However, after he was arrested, according to a new federal lawsuit, the 24-year-old was also placed on psychiatric hold and taken to an isolation cell of a county jail, where the officer and other employees beat him repeatedly, stripped his clothes off and made obscene comments. Cain was then left in the cell, where he spent hours without food, medical attention or a chance to make a phone call, the lawsuit says.

According to Cain's attorney, John Burris, the officer arrested Cain for being black.

“He shouldn't have been in psychiatric watch,” Burris told The Washington Post. “He shouldn't have been in the jail in the first place.”

During the original stop, the entire time, Cain had done nothing wrong. It is not illegal to walk away from an officer unless you are accused of a crime. When the officer said he was accusing Cain of jaywalking, Cain stopped. However, this cop couldn't contain his rage and snapped.

“You were jaywalking,” Officer Anthony Figueroa told Cain.

“I looked both ways,” Cain replied. “You're harassing me. I just got off work. You're trying to pull me over for nothing.”

In the video, we can hear Cain talking to the officer as he removed his jacket. As the video shows, however, Cain was just showing the officer he was unarmed, while questioning the validity of the stop — and questioning his manhood by saying, "if you were a real man, you'd put down that gun and fight me."

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That's when Figueroa launched his assault.

“The actions of the involved Sacramento police officer are disturbing and does not appear to be reasonable based upon the circumstances,” the agency said in a statement this month.

After repeatedly bludgeoning the man in the face for doing nothing other than questioning his manhood, this officer arrested Cain and brought him downtown. Absent from the arrest report, however, was the charge of jaywalking. This officer only charged Cain with suspicion of resisting arrest.

As the SF Bay View reports, the abuse continued once he got to jail. 

Despite having repeatedly indicated that he was not suicidal and despite having no history of mental illness, Officer Figueroa insisted that Mr. Cain be placed in isolation – a suicide watch cell to further penalize him for the crime of walking while Black.

Mr. Cain fully complied and got down on his knees, with one hand on his head, while Officer Figueroa maintained his tight grip on Mr. Cain’s left arm. Then Officer Figueroa told Mr. Cain to lie down on the ground. Mr. Cain complied and lay with his face and body on the concrete floor. Despite Mr. Cain’s full and total compliance, Officer Figueroa called several yet-to-be-identified Sacramento County Jail employees to the cell.

Once the jail employees arrived at the cell, they joined Officer Figueroa and attacked Mr. Cain. The men repeatedly kneed Mr. Cain in the ribs and used their knees to pin his body against the floor, while forcefully stripping his clothes off. At no point did any of the men permit Mr. Cain the dignity of removing his own clothes.

Mr. Cain attempted to maintain his composure and did not want to move, out of fear that he would be hurt even worse. Nevertheless, the men continued to forcefully pin Mr. Cain’s body against the floor. Although his body was wracked with pain he initially did not cry out as he feared the sadistic group of men would intensify the abuse. When Mr. Cain could not withstand the agony any longer, he cried out.

The men maintained their grip on Mr. Cain, who was lying on the ground nude and frozen with fear. He was frightened that his sadistic attackers were preparing to sexually assault him. He clenched his buttocks muscles with all his might, in a feeble attempt to prevent an anticipated sexual assault.

Finally, after Mr. Cain was emasculated, naked and sobbing on the floor, the men released their grip. Apparently not satisfied by just stripping, abusing and humiliating Mr. Cain, the men began to call him a “bitch” and said that he was “crying like a bitch,” in addition to telling Mr. Cain that his naked body ‘stank.’ After robbing Mr. Cain of his manhood and basic human dignity, the men left him alone in his cell, without medical attention, food or the opportunity to make a phone call.

“This is one of the most outrageous unprovoked assaults since Rodney King,” Burris declared. “This is particularly infuriating because Sacramento has a history of disproportionately stopping African Americans for jaywalking, and every encounter is a potential disaster for African American men. This is a prime example of what happens with race-based policing.”

Sgt. Tony Turnbull, spokesman for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, said the agency will investigate the alleged abuse, noting that they were only allegations.

“I would like to reiterate that these are only allegations,” Turnbull said. “We feel the truth will come out at the conclusion of the investigation in regards to Mr. Cain's allegations against our department.”

To clear up any allegations, however, Burris intends to “demand the immediate release of Sacramento County Jail surveillance videos depicting Mr. Cain’s abuse inside the Sacramento County Jail and expedient and public termination of Officer Figueroa.”