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"I had to kill my dog with my bare hands, to put her out of her suffering."

April 22, 2014

Cole Middleton was working on his families dairy farm when he noticed that the house had been broken into. Electronics and jewelry was missing, so he dialed 9-1-1 to report the burglary.

After calling the police, Middleton was back to work in the field by the time the cops showed up.

According to KLTV, Middleton said when the deputy arrived to investigate, the deputy claimed the dog was about to bite him and shot the dog to defend himself.

“She’s barking when he pulls into the driveway letting me know someone’s at our house, an intruder is here, or a person who she would think was an intruder that she’s unfamiliar with. She’s barking. The officer gets out of his car, and all the while we’re headed up [there]. He gets out of his car and shoots my dog in my front yard,” Middleton recalled.

Middleton says the dog was shot in the head. He begged the deputy to finish off his cowdog named Candy since the dog was suffering.

“I was so upset. I went over there to her and she was still alive and I begged and pleaded with him to please shoot her again because I don’t have any firearms. They got stolen. He went and got in his vehicle and backed out of my driveway,” Middleton explained.

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What happened next is heartbreaking. Since he'd just been burglarized, he had no guns to quickly put down Candy so Middleton said that he had to kill his dog with his bare hands to stop her from suffering.

“And then I had to do the unthinkable, the otherwise unthinkable. I had to kill my dog with my bare hands and put her out of her suffering, praying for this to be over with,” Middleton said.

Apparently this cop didn't realize that he had a patrol car to get into if this dog posed that much of a threat. Tragically, this is another story of another family pet needlessly killed by incompetent cops.