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Terry Robinson has a record, but he's on the straight and narrow now. However, that doesn't stop a couple of corrupt cops from cuffing him and demanding that he "give up someone that they can plant a gun on" or he will face "4 times" his mandatory sentence for parole violation.

According to KMOV – A north St. Louis man claims he was unfairly handcuffed and detained by St. Louis Metropolitan Police and has the video to prove it.

On Monday Robinson, 21, said officers saw him outside in the Blair neighborhood, handcuffed him and pretended to drive back to the police station. Robinson caught the conversation inside the police cruiser on his cell phone.

“If you don’t give me anything in the next 24-hours then I’ll write this case up as you ran from me but you got away. But I know who you are and you had this gun.”

While in the cruiser, Robinson pleaded with officers to give him a little more time.

But instead of finding another man to arrest, Robinson contacted his lawyer. The video has been turned over to authorities and detectives with internal affairs are investigating.

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These cops seem like they really didn't care if they were going to be arresting an innocent person or not, they just want Robinson to give up someone.

This should come as no surprise. Corrupt cops lie to people all the time in order to get them to do what they want; sometimes they don't even want anything, they are just crazy. 

This is an inevitable problem with authority in general.

The system that claims to protect freedom and administer justice has long turned into a breeding ground for criminals and sociopaths.

Where the corruption was once the exception to the rule, we are quickly realizing John Dalberg-Acton’s famous phrase, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely in such manner that great men are almost always bad men.”