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San Marcos, TX -- A disturbing video uploaded to YouTube this week, shows a man being tasered, assaulted, and pulled from a car. Elliot Blake, aka RichBoy Boom, claims he was simply sleeping in the back of a friend's car when police began to harass him. He was tired from a day of passing out flyers for an event.

According to Blake,

After driving from Dallas to Austin, then promoting around the Texasx State Campus for hours, I took a nap in my friends car. I was awakened by 3 officers. I complied showed them the flyers with the address of the very venue I was at and everything, when the female officer planted weed in the vehicle and at that point I started to recorded bc if they will do that they will do anything.

The video starts as officers J.Cope and B. Ellington, of the San Marcos PD, were attempting to remove Blake from the vehicle.

Blake tries to tell the officers that he hasn't done anything wrong and that the marijuana was planted on him. But the cops were set on getting him out.

The situation quickly escalated into a violent one as police forcefully kidnapped a man for the alleged "crimes" of sleeping in a car and having a bag with pieces of a plant in it.

From the information we've obtained, there were no victims in this "crime;" except, of course, the man who was electrocuted and kidnapped.

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During the assault on Blake, his root canal was knocked out of his mouth. He also suffered several other abrasions.

Witnesses from a nearby apartment filmed the incident as well. Both Videos are below.

The Free Thought Project contacted the San Marcos Police Department, but they were unable to provide the details of the arrest.

Blake's Video:

Witness Video:

Blake plans to fight the charges and has setup a gofundme account to help raise funds for his legal defense.