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Boston, MA - A video uploaded to Facebook this week shows Boston police officers throwing an apparent temper tantrum after a loud-mouthed young man voiced his opinion about the police.

While it is unclear why the video began in the first place, the reason for a man being arrested and subsequently strangled is clear as day.

When the video begins, a man filming is being counter-filmed by an undercover cop. Out of the blue, a young man, with vulgar mouth began screaming "f**k the police, n*gga!"

When one of the undercover officers heard this young man voice his lewd, but constitutionally protected opinion about the police, he threatened to arrest him.

"You wanna go to arrested?" the cop asks, most likely meaning to say "jail."

The loud-mouthed young man then stops his shenanigans and proceeds to walk off. But the cops already smelled blood in the water, and a feeding frenzy began.

Regardless of how idiotic this man's actions were, the resultant reaction from police was entirely unwarranted. As the Washington State Supreme Court recently ruled, swearing at police is constitutionally protected speech.

But legal boundaries were apparently ripe for crossing. The officers arrest the man, without incident, for his free speech. But when the man begins showing off for the camera and shouting "f- the police" again, the uniformed cop proceeds to strangle him.

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Again, no one is saying that this man's words weren't vitriolic or poorly chosen. However, there was no victim, and he was arrested for his speech.

To illustrate the unlawful nature of the officers' actions, we can use an example of this situation, with the police removed.

Imagine that two men are out filming in public and one man yells, "F**k you, I hate you" to the other. The man on the receiving end of the yelling has no legal basis to kidnap and choke the man for yelling at him. Had he tried to kidnap the man who yelled at him, he would have been arrested, or justifiably killed by the man he attacked.

Only when a badge enters the picture, does the reality of the situation become skewed.

After the onlookers watch the uniformed officer strangle the man, they become enraged and begin to approach the cops. The situation becomes tense quickly.

At this point, the man filming begins back up as the plainclothes cop approaches him with his asp. Eventually, the man filming is choked out too, and the video ends.

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