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May 19, 2014

Dr. Curtis Schondelmeyer was not driving, but rather riding in the passenger seat of his partner's car when he snapped a photo of a police officer acting irresponsibly.

Schondelmeyer, frequently drives by this police officer as he directs traffic and noticed that he is often on his phone while trying to direct traffic; so he documented this irresponsible behavior by photographing it.


He then reported the incident to the Lexington police department the next day. Of course they ignored him and refused to even look at the picture.

A few days after that, he got a ticket in the mail charging him with impeding operation with a handheld device.

But Schondelmeyer was a passenger in the vehicle, how can he be impeding 'operation'? Simple, ha cannot.

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According to Fox 25,

Schondelmeyer's partner signed an affidavit, writing under the penalty of perjury that he, not Schondelmeyer, was the one behind the wheel. Schondelmeyer is going to court to fight the ticket, which in Schondelmeyer’s mind was “absolutely” retaliation.

“There is no doubt in my mind,” he said. “I don’t understand it at all, except for the fact that he did not notice that somebody else was in the car with me because he was on the cell phone and did not see it.”

Schondelmeyer is planning to fight the ticket and take the Lexington police department to task.

He will most assuredly have his work cut out for him though. Cops protect their own for much worse accusations, such as beating innocent people to death, Schondelmeyer will be hard pressed to get them to do anything about irresponsibly using a cellphone.

Lexington police are already defending their officer.

“In the officer's mind, he believed that person was operating the vehicle negligently. The operator of the vehicle was not paying attention,” Lexington police Capt. Manny Ferry told FOX Undercover in a phone interview.

Oh okay, well that makes sense, except for the part of him giving the citation to the PASSENGER of the vehicle. Nice try cops.