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When cops kill people and aren't indicted for their murderous actions, the public is often left wondering how in the world this could happen. Well, after meeting "Dr." William J. Lewinski, the self-proclaimed "expert" in the field of police shootings, you will have a clearer picture of why killer cops get off scot free, most of the time.

After receiving his mail order doctorate from the Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities, Lewinski opened his company called the Force Science Institute Ltd. He then began travelling around the country giving training seminars to police departments. According to the NY, the "training" and "studies" presented by Lewinski are referred to as “pseudoscience” by the American Journal of Psychology.

In his seminars, Lewinski essentially teaches police officers to immediately resort to deadly violence by telling officers they can be shot by a suspect within a quarter of a second should the suspect be armed.

This man travels the country and encourages officers to shoot first and ask questions later using self-created arbitrary pseudoscience.

But what happens to the officers who buy into this nonsense and do shoot first and ask questions later? Are they held accountable and indicted by grand juries for shooting too quickly, even when the victims are completely unarmed?

Thanks to Lewinski's "expertise" in all matters police killings, the Force Science Institute has two functions. The first function is to travel around the country teaching cops to quickly resort to deadly force. The second function is charging $1,000 an hour to defend that cop in court and convince a grand jury that an officer's deadly force, even against unarmed individuals was justified.

Using a myriad of "studies," not one of which has been peer-reviewed, Lewinski is able to successfully defend killer cops, even when they've shot unarmed men in the back, on video.

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Officer Johannes Mehserle was the cop who shot Oscar Grant in the back in the video above. Grant was unarmed and presented no threat to the cops. Mehserle's defense called in Lewinski to convince the jurors that this was not murder and that Mehserle feared for his life. They were successful in beating the murder charge. Mehserle was found guilty of the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter and was out of jail after only 11-months.

Currently, Lewinski is working on the defense of another high-profile police murder by two Albuquerque police officers charged with murdering James Boyd, the "illegal camping" man in the video above. It will be interesting to see how Lewinski will attempt to defend the officers' preemptive fear for their lives when they said they were going to shoot Boyd in the penis prior to even coming in contact with the man.

According to the NY Times, Lewinski is an anomaly among expert witnesses as he's the only one who trains cops and then defends said training.

Many policing experts are for hire, but Dr. Lewinski is unique in that he conducts his own research, trains officers and internal investigators, and testifies at trial. In the protests that have followed police shootings, demonstrators have often asked why officers are so rarely punished for shootings that seem unwarranted. Dr. Lewinski is part of the answer.

“People die because of this stuff,” said John Burton, a California lawyer who specializes in police misconduct cases. “When they give these cops a pass, it just ripples through the system.”