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It's really never a good idea to hit a police officer. But that's exactly what one University of Miami fan did on Saturday to one of the officers arresting her presumably for being drunk and disorderly at yesterday's football game. The charges for hitting a police officer are usually pretty serious felonies. But adding insult to injury, the girl also got a well placed retaliatory hand as well.

The incident took place at the University of Miami stadium when the Hurricanes were taking on the Virginia Tech Hokies. The canes were the victors over the Hokies with a score of 28-10, but there was one clear loser at yesterday's game: the girl who got knocked out by a police officer.

It's unclear why the police officers were removing the young female from the stadium, but one can only imagine it was her own behavior that got her into trouble in the first place. She looked particularly drunk, so it may be safe to assume her own bad choices led her to the point where police were called.

The video which was uploaded to Twitter, shows the four officers attempting to apprehend the girl, but instead of putting her in handcuffs and dragging her out, they hoisted her up above their shoulder level, giving her an advantage over them. We wonder if that was proper police procedure.

At any rate, after being lifted up higher than the officers, the young girl took a swipe at the bald head of one of the officers. Missing on her first attempt, she then backhanded the officer across the face. In turn, the officer balled up his fist, and punched her right in the mouth, seemingly knocking her unconscious.

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She went limp as the officers continued to take her out of the stadium. The whole incident was caught on camera, prompting many people to give their opinions on Twitter. Many of those who commented believed the incident to be somehow connected to racism, but the officer was clearly only reacting to being slapped. However, serious questions can now be raised as to whether or not the officers could have done a better job at not only keeping themselves safe but preventing the officer from needlessly punching the woman in the mouth.

Some believed the officer will lose his job. Others believed he was just doing his job. Either way, the incident serves to illustrate just how foolish it is to hit a police officer and subsequently be charged with assaulting an officer of the peace.

While assault charges seem justified in this case, there are other examples (as TFTP has reported), where officers have charged people with assault, for just touching an officer. One Baltimore cop provoked a confrontation with a young man by poking the man in the chest with his finger. When the man brushed away the cop's finger, the cop punched him in the face, arrested him, and then charged HIM with assault. Had the incident not been recorded, the young man would likely have ended up in jail or prison.

While we bring you story after story of police officers abusing their power and bullying people while wearing a badge, the video of the girl backhanding a cop at the University of Miami stadium serves as a valuable reminder. You will never win in a battle against a cop.

UPDATE: According to ESPN

"Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said in an email Sunday that Bridget Freitas, a 30-year-old nurse, has been charged with felony battery on a police officer and misdemeanor disorderly conduct. He said the department is reviewing the video to make sure proper procedures were followed in the altercation at Hard Rock Stadium during Miami's win Saturday over Virginia Tech."