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“The Department of Homeland Security recently came out with a report saying the biggest threat to our security is here within our own borders. There’s a lot of anti-government groups that have popped up in this country, hate groups that have popped up in this country, and law enforcement feels outgunned and they want to be prepared," says MSNBC Host Ed Schultz as he rationalizes the increasingly militarized police forces across the country.

Do police really feel 'outgunned' as they receive Mine Resistant vehicles, AR-15's and armored personnel carriers?

Ed Schultz, would you kindly point us in the direction of the nearest 'anti-government group' in possession of an MRAP?


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Apparently Ed Schultz feels that mistrust in government can be quelled by government having tanks. He could be on to something there, if this were 1950's China.

It is absolutely hilarious to witness the statist apologists from both sides of the two party paradigm, like Bill O'Reilly and Ed Schultz, attack those who simply question the criminal acts of government. It also means that we are doing something right.