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Rock Hill, SC — On the night of June 3, 2019, Jethro DeVane, 71, had harmed no one, committed no crime, and was inside his own home when he experienced a home invasion by armed thugs. These thugs assaulted DeVane with deadly weapons and ordered him out of his home at gunpoint in the middle of the night, refusing him the dignity of putting on clothes. Because these thugs wear badges, however, they will not be held accountable for their crimes. The taxpayers will pay up instead.

According to police, they were called to DeVane's neighborhood that night over reports of several children inside a parked car. The horror. The car was not in front of DeVane's home and he had nothing to do with the children or the car.

When police arrived on the scene the children were gone and so the officers launched a search which consisted of three crazed cops shining flashlights and pointing guns at innocent people. When this innocent elderly man noticed flashlights in his yard, he peered out of his window which set the fearful cops off on a rights-violating rampage.

Without a warrant or any semblance of probable cause, police then rushed into DeVane's home, holding the innocent naked elderly man at gunpoint. At one point, according to DeVane, one of these tyrants held the barrel of his gun to DeVane's bare skin.

“He could have took my life in a minute,” DeVane said. “And he put the gun on my shoulder, and I heard the trigger when he pulled it back. Click, I knew I was gone.”

DeVane was then ordered out of his home with deadly weapons pointed at his head and forced to stand naked in his front yard. As one cop humiliates the naked man in his front yard, the others carried out an illegal search inside, looking for the non-existent children who had nothing to do with DeVane.

"I don't wanna talk to you, face the house," one of the home invaders tells DeVane as his fellow officers rummage through the innocent man's home.

After forcing him to stand naked in his front yard while they violated his rights, property and dignity, cops told him they were looking for the children.

“The reason we did that is because we got a group of four juveniles – what we think – four males running around trying to break into cars," one of the cops can be heard saying on the body camera footage.

In a statement released after the incident, police claimed this sadistic act of humiliation was all done for safety.

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Mr. Devane was detained by officers for safety as the residence was still not completely checked. Officers then conducted a protective sweep of the residence. Once officers were able to verify Mr. Devane’s identity and account of his being at the residence they left the scene and continued checking the area for the subjects who broke into the vehicle.

Though officers claimed this was done for "safety," DeVane could have easily become a statistic. Had he been anything other than totally compliant he could have been killed. Had he chosen to bend down to pick up pants or attempt to wrap himself in a blanket, these cops could have filled him with bullets and they would have likely gotten away with it.

After leaving DeVane's home, these tyrants were not done. As they walked through yards, they came upon another innocent man who was sitting in his car and held him at gunpoint too. They were literally terrorizing the neighborhood looking for four children.

When the man in the car told the officer that "this is private property," the officer let the innocent man know how he and his fellow cronies felt.

"I don't care if it's private property. You think I care?" the cop said, clearly eliminating any doubt about his intentions to protect the rights of others.

As the officer walks away, he callously brags to his friends how he just assaulted another innocent man with a deadly weapon. "Yeah, I pointed my gun at him."

DeVane said the police chief went to his home later that month and instead of apologizing, he told DeVane that he shouldn't sleep naked.

“I didn’t have my clothes on that night. Why? I’m in my house,” DeVane said, adding, “Like I told him, if you had let me know you were coming, I would have put my clothes on.”

According to DeVane's lawsuit, “Officers had no reason to take the actions they did as no one had seen the four juveniles enter the premises. No one had chased the juveniles into plaintiff’s yard. No one had alleged there was a home break-in, and (the) plaintiff, a senior citizen, was present at the back door the home informing the officers that he lived there.”

DeVane is now seeking damages, alleging in the lawsuit that officers carried out gross negligence, civil assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress/ outrage, false imprisonment, abuse of process and civil conspiracy — all of which is visible in the video below.