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New York, NY — In a gross abuse of power, a New York cop is caught on video blocking a bus stop—with his emergency lights engaged—to get pizza. Luckily, there was a vigilant citizen there to catch this peace officer on video as he broke the law to enjoy his lunch.

The officer in the video is driving an unmarked police car with the plates AK2435. His insignia on his sleeve indicates that he is an officer with the City University of New York Public Safety Department.

The City University of New York Public Safety Department (CUNY Public Safety), is a public safety agency in New York City. The department is tasked with protecting campuses owned by the City University of New York (CUNY) and to enforce state and city laws within those campus grounds 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

While these officers don't carry guns, Under New York state law, CUNY peace officers have the power to make arrests for less-serious misdemeanors as well as for felonies, and they may enforce other statutes such as local bylaws. By all definitions, this man is a cop and he is breaking the laws he is sworn to enforce.

As the video begins, the officer notices he's being filmed and engages the man filming him.

"Why are you videotaping me?" the officer asks as he loads his pizza into his taxpayer-funded SUV he conveniently parked—in a bus stop.

"Why do you have your lights on, parked in front of a bus stop?" asks the man filming.

"Why does that bother you so much?" asks the cop, clearly missing the point that he is using his badge to grant himself special privileges that other citizens would get ticketed or arrested for.

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"Do you think you're above the law?" asks the man filming.

"No," replies the cop, again, missing the point that he is de facto acting above the law in this very instance.

"Then why do you do it? Why do you break the law? Do you think you're special?" asks the man. "Do you think you're special? Why should you be more special than other people? Because you have a badge?"

Clearly realizing he'd been busted and his crime subsequently documented on video, the officer gets in his SUV and drives off.

As the officer drives away, the man filming takes note of him turning off his lights and indicated that the "emergency is over, he's got lunch."

In September, a New York police officer's association put out a video attempting to claim that being a cop is a race and that cops are subject to "blue racism" because people discriminate against them. Obviously, being a cop is not a race and there is nothing wrong with criticizing someone's job choice. While it is irresponsible to stereotype and hate people for their job decisions, the video below shows how some cops give all other cops a bad name and stoke that discrimination.

Below is an example of why people feel the need to hold police officers accountable. A career choice should never be able to grant certain people in the same society special privileges that all members of that society can't enjoy. Being a cop does not mean you can break the law when it is convenient for you—no matter how tasty the pizza might be.