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New York, NY-- An unidentified 69-year-old retired New York City correction officer shot and killed Gilbert Drogheo, 32, inside a Brooklyn subway station around 6:30 pm on Tuesday evening.

The shooting happened after Drogheo and the man accompanying him got into a dispute.

The rush hour incident reportedly began as the unnamed officer stepped between Drogheo and Joscelyn Evering, 28, as they were having a conversation on a subway train.

The police claim that the men had pushed Drogheo down into an empty seat before all of the men exited the same subway stop. The altercation picked back up inside the station, before the retired officer pulled out his weapon and shot Drogheo.

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A shocking video obtained by The Free Thought Project appears to show officers arresting the man trying to help the gunshot victim, while the victim lays dying without medical treatment or care. As an officer argues with the man filming, Drogheo's body is still lying helplessly. The victim later died in the hospital.

Less than 12 hours later, Norman Seabrook, the president of the city Correction Officers' Benevolent Association, was already chiming in to express support of the former officer who recklessly fired a weapon in a crowded station. The former corrections officer acted with no regard for ricochets, and Seabrook is making claims of self-defense before any investigation could possibly be completed.

"Everyone said 'gun' and ran off the train, I was standing there in shock," witness Thomas Berry explained to ABC.

The unnamed officer was taken into custody but was released after agreeing to report back for questioning on Wednesday. The former officer was also allowed to remain on the scene after the incident and sustained no injuries, NBC reports.

Evering was charged with assault and menacing and he did not receive the "come back Wednesday" courtesy that the officer did. Despite Evering not injuring anyone- he was held for an initial court appearance. It is unclear if he as been released.

Could Drogheo's life have been saved if officers applied life saving measures, or didn't arrest the guy trying to save the man's life? What kind of person allows a man to lay dying and not attempt to help them?