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New York, NY-- In an insane encounter caught on camera, an NYPD officer is seen behaving extremely inappropriately, erratically, and verbally abusing an Uber driver. It happened after the officer reportedly attempted to park without using his turn signal just before 2pm on the West side of Manhattan, in police precinct 6, on March 30.

According to the video's description, uploaded by the customer in his back seat, the driver had pulled around and gestured that the officer should use his turn signal, casually and non-offensively, and kept driving. What followed was a horrifying glimpse of power going to someone's head when they are granted a shiny badge and forget who they work for.

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The video begins with the officer flying off the handle, cussing, and slamming the man's car door.

"Stop it with your for what sir, for what sir, stop it with that bullsh*t and realize the three or for traffic violations you committed. Okay? Do you understand me? I don't know what f**cking planet you think you are on," the aggressive thug officer yells at the calm and polite driver.

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The officer leaves for a moment and the driver and his passengers begin to discuss the insanity of the officer.

"I think he's just on a power trip right now," the fare notes. "He didn't have a blinker on, I mean, if you're going to park you're supposed to put your blinker on, that's the way this works," he continued on to say.

When the officer returns the he continues to berate the driver for calling out the officer's traffic violation. He even goes on to demand to know how long the man has been in the country. The seemingly racist officer screams at the man that the only reason he is not is handcuffs is because the officer has things to do and that this isn't important, and he (the driver) is not important.

"Okay, what? ARE YOU GOING TO LET ME F*CKING FINISH? STOP INTERRUPTING ME. Who do you think you're talking to here?" the out of control officer screams after the driver politely responds to the officer berating him.

Had it been dark, or had the driver not had a fare in the back, things could have gone much different. The Uber driver could be in a jail cell for "assaulting" an officer or "resisting," or worse.

The verbal assault and intimidation in this video is beyond offensive, and we hope to be following up with a story about the officer being disciplined by the department. We won't hold our breath though.