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New York, NY -- As we reported last week, the NYPD has basically stopped doing its job since the murder of officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

A new video shows that they have apparently found a new way to spend the extra time they have after not doing their jobs.

The video, obtained by the website, Breaking 911, shows a police officer riding on the hood of a patrol car.

According to Breaking 911, the incident happened at Seton Place and Parkville Ave in the confines of the 70 Precinct.

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The officer was rushed to Lutheran Trauma Center with a police escort and chopper overhead.

If this wasn't a case of officers wasting time and idiotically horsing around, then the NYPD has some serious explaining to do.

Why on earth would a cop get on top of a cop car and get driven down the street?

Below is the video of the incident which happened just around the corner from the precinct located in Brooklyn.