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New York, NY — A disturbing video has sparked an internal investigation within the NYPD after it showed three cops hold down a man with his hands behind his back while one of them pummelled his face.

The video is taken from inside a bus across the street and starts out as the cop begins smashing in the man's face. "Why are you hitting him?" the person filming asks. "He hit him in his face!" she said. "His face is bleeding!"

After the officer punches the man in the face several times, he then proceeds to start slapping him. All the while, it appears that the man is not resisting at all. This is evidenced by the fact that the female officer and the other male officer (who aren't doing the punching) are calmly squatting down by the man.

While the audio of the police and the man is difficult to hear, we can hear one phrase that the man seems to be repeating. "What are you doing?" begs the man as two cops hold him down while the other digs his face into the asphalt.

The incident happened on the morning of New Year's Eve around 10:00 am. The woman who posted the video, Alexas Jasmin, explained what she saw in her post.

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Jasmin noted that the man was sitting in his car following an encounter with the police. According to Jasmin, police were "getting ready to pull off" just before changing their minds and approaching the man.

"Granted the man did stick his head out the window and say a few choice words," she wrote. "But please tell me why the cops got out the van, snatched him out of his car and proceeded to do this to him."

"This is exactly why i [sic] hate the police," she added. "His hands were already tied and he kept hitting the man in the face until bloody. RIDICULOUS!!"

According to the Gothamist, who reached out to the NYPD, the NYPD did not confirm the man's name, why police stopped him, or whether he had been arrested or charged. A spokesperson said only, "The matter is under internal review."

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