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An Oakland firefighter has filed a complaint against the Oakland Police Department alleging he was racially profiled after he and his 9 and 12 year old children were detained by a white police officer at the fire station he worked at.

Keith Jones and his two young children had parked at the station while they attended a Raiders game. When they returned to the car, Jones noticed the department was left open after his coworkers left on a call, so he went in to check it out and make sure the building was secure.

When he exited, he saw the officer with his hand on his gun and his kids' hands in the air. The officer was allegedly responding to a burglary in progress.

“I was thinking is he going to shoot my dad the whole time,” said 12-year-old Keith Jones II.

“I was getting ready about to cry. My hands started to get tired, but I kept them up,” said 9-year-old Trevon Jones to CBS.

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Jones identified himself as a firefighter at the station and asked the officer to allow his children to lower their hands, and for the officer to assure his frightened children that everything is okay. The officer refused for several minutes, until he Eventually allowed Jones to reach into his pocket to show identification.

Jones' children are traumatized and their view of police has changed, according to Jones. He also stated he believes police view black males as a threat.

While many argue "its not just a black thing", "cops go after white people too", the fact of the matter is that Kelly Thomas and other white victims are the exceptions, not the rule. A black male is killed by police, on average, every 28 hours in the United States.

Racial profiling is very real, and if you are concerned about the police state it is time for everyone to start acknowledging and fighting it.