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The goal of the march is to ensure that “every minority child sees that black men can openly carry to protect their rights,” Andrews said.

Ferguson, MO –The national leadership of the Oath Keepers movement has pulled support from a Missouri chapter’s planned open carry march, in which the group planned to arm 50 black Ferguson protestors with AR-15s and march through downtown Ferguson.

These actions have reverberated through the movement as scores of members have since left the organization to reorganize and create their own groups, perceiving the actions of the national leadership as a symptom of something far more ominous.

The organizer of the armed march, Sam Andrews, who ran a tactical team called the “YETIs,” said that after the national leadership refused to support the armed march in Ferguson, he resigned from the organization.

Andrews stated that the group’s decision to not stand up for the constitutional rights of the citizens of Ferguson was largely related to race.

“I can’t have my name associated with an organization that doesn’t believe black people can’t exercise their First and Second Amendment rights at the same time,” Andrews told The Fifth Column News.

According to Andrews, Oath Keeper's new board of directors is made up almost solely of former police officers. Since the group has removed the web page that once featured biographies of the board of directors, it has become difficult to discern which individuals are actually in control of the organization, and what their backgrounds entail.

“Almost this whole board-of-directors are retired cops. This whole board of directors was OK with Oath Keepers at Bundy Ranch pointing rifles at feds, but not OK with a black open carry march.”

The YETIs tactical team, operating under the OK banner, was responsible for the majority of operations credited to Oath Keepers in Ferguson, including recently protecting reporters on the ground, according to Andrews.

In an interview with The Fifth Column News, Andrews was asked if the march would still take place.

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“Absolutely,” Andrews said.

According to the exclusive report from Justin King of The Fifth Column News:

Andrews spoke briefly about the YETIs and the other Oath Keepers that have left over the incident. Most of them are former Special Forces that like to “stay off the radar.” US Army Special Forces are trained to act as “force multipliers” and to teach indigenous troops. They can move into an area and teach local civilians and soldiers the tactics and techniques they need to beat the opposition on the battlefield. Although I gave up trying to get anyone to admit membership in the “Special Forces Underground” months ago, this is yet another example of former Green Berets doing exactly what the legend says the group does.

This group in Ferguson is committed to making sure that if a group of the local population of any color wants to hold an open carry march, they will be supported.

The reverberations, from the national leadership's decision to not support the march, have been felt far from Ferguson. An Oath Keeper group in Florida, with no connections to Andrews, is also leaving the organization.

A former Green Beret, and member of the Florida group, using an alias of James Wise, called out the Oath Keepers national leadership:

“Unwilling to confront the cops. What the hell are we here for then? Who is going to violate the rights of the people? The Boy Scouts? If you plan on keeping your oath, you had better be willing to confront cops. We didn’t join this to hang out with other vets and tell war stories. I could do that at the VFW. I’m done with social groups. We all are. By the time this is said and done, the Oath Keepers will be another version of the Fraternal Order of Police. It’ll be part of the thin blue line. You’re from here, man. You know race isn’t a huge issue here, but I have to believe that an organization that is OK with a bunch of white guys pointing guns at cops in Nevada over grazing rights shouldn’t turn into complete [multiple expletives deleted] [cowards] at the thought of blacks just holding guns in a march protesting people getting beaten and killed by cops. You know there’s something wrong there, Justin. You can’t tell me you don’t think that’s really [expletive deleted] off.”

The peaceful assembly and free speech rights of the Ferguson protesters have continually been usurped by law enforcement. An open carry march creates a situation that forces an abusive law enforcement agency to choose between using restraint or being overwhelmed by superior firepower in the event of police brutality.

Taking direct aim at the national leadership, Andrews stated that honoring ones oath is more than simply protecting buildings in a neighborhood, and entails actually addressing the root causes of the rioting. The goal of the march is to ensure that “every minority child sees that black men can openly carry to protect their rights,” according to Andrews.

h/t The Fifth Column News

Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay's work has been published on BenSwann's Truth in Media, Truth-Out, AlterNet, InfoWars, MintPressNews and many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.