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Jacksonville, FL -- A Youtube user going by the name F.T.G. released a video yesterday showing Jacksonville police refusing to issue citations to unmarked patrol cars parked in violation of city parking signs. The description of the video reads, "I conducted an audit at the Jacksonville Florida Jail where cops are constantly parking in violation of there[sic] own signage. Not one cop was willing to enforce their own restrictions simply because it is a fellow cop."

The man starts the video by documenting the locations of the signs reading "Marked Patrol Vehicles Only," followed by the locations of multiple unmarked J.S.O. vehicles sans tickets. Next he shows a civilian vehicle parked in the same area - shocker - with a citation. He approached the station and asks the first officer he sees, "What do you think about these illegally-parked vehicles, deputy?" to which he receives no response. The officer folds his arms and walks away.

The next deputy he approached just replied "no comment," as we walked right past the man. He finally gets the attention of a younger officer who asks to see the illegally-parked vehicles. The officer tries to debate that they're technically marked, but then admits that no, they are not marked patrol vehicles. He then goes so far to state that once the tags are run, and the officer issuing the ticket is made aware that it is a J.S.O vehicle, a ticket will not be issued.

"When we run that tag, and it comes back to a J.S.O. vehicle, we're not gonna put a citation on it."

As he's wrapping his conversation up with the officer, another cop approaches, apparently responding to a complaint about the man filming. He tells this officer what he's doing and requests the unmarked vehicles be towed, to which the officer denies, stating that he'd need permission. He then diverts attention by claiming he only came to respond to a complaint. The cop says that now that he knows what he's doing is not illegal, he will leave the man be, almost escaping before the man points out a marked patrol unit parked on a curb.

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Man: Will you write that car a ticket?

Cop: Am I gonna write another officer a ticket?

Man: Yes sir...will you do your job, sir? Will you enforce the law? Not 'will you write another officer, a fellow brother in blue,' will you enforce the law, and give that vehicle a citation for breaking the law?

Cop: No sir, that's my discretion.

At this point, not many people would be surprised by the response this man received when he asked the officers to hold each other accountable. When entire departments are covering up for much more heinous crimes, why would any officer be motivated to cite one of his brothers for breaking a law only put in place to generate revenue anyway? Kudos to this man for going out there and doing what police officers themselves are too afraid to do.