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April 21, 2014


In an incredibly Orwellian maneuver, Oregon State Police are putting additional officers on patrol in order to crack down on "distracted driving."

The most peculiar aspect of this crack down is the 3rd type of "distracted driving" that the State Police mention they will be looking for, which are Cognitive Distractions, in particular, "Daydreaming."

Of course you shouldn't text and drive, or put on makeup or anything that may take your mind off of the particularly dangerous practice of driving a car. However, who, in the name of the police state, gets to determine what the hell "Daydreaming" consists of?


According to KOIN 6 News, starting Monday and ending Friday, Oregon State Police, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, and the Tualatin Police Department will have additional officers on patrol in the areas of Interstate 5, Interstate 205 and the city streets to reduce the number of crashes linked to distracted driving.

OSP considers distraction anything that diverts the driver’s attention from the task of navigating the vehicle and responding to critical events. The most obvious violation associated with distracted driving will be handled through enforcement of Oregon’s cell phone law, troopers said.

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According to Oregon Department of Transportation, from 2008 to 2012 in Oregon, 13 people were killed in crashes involving drivers using a handheld mobile communication device to talk or text. During that same five-year period in Oregon, 65 people died in crashes involving any kind of distracted driver.

Maybe the OSP needs to look into their own driving before setting out to fix everyone else. When an independent study was conducted in Denver, CO, it was found that in just 3 years, Denver area police have been involved and found to be “at fault” in over 700 crashes, many of which resulted in injury.

In the majority of these crashes in which the cops have been at fault, almost every time, they were NOT given a ticket. This corruption even went as far as a cop citing a woman after he ran her over on her bicycle, and HE was found at fault!

This type of ridiculous "law enforcement" carries with it some unsettling implications. In the last few decades we've witnessed the sanctity of the inside of our bodies become subject to police jurisdiction in the search for alcohol and drugs.

This attack on self-ownership has materialized into random checkpoints in which breathalyzers, saliva swabs, and even blood tests are being administered to innocent people, to "check for DUI."

How much longer until the police setup "Cognitive Distraction" road blocks, and lay claim to the very thoughts inside your head?

And now for your moment of zen....

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