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A graduate student was beaten after 'resisting' a male police officer who grabbed at her right breast so hard that he left a black-and-blue handprint on it.

As of Monday she is now standing trial for assaulting this officer who beat her.

According to Mint Press News, McMillian is currently being charged with felony assault of a police officer in the second degree, which can bring a seven-year prison sentence. Prosecutors have indicated that they will seek the maximum sentence. Some have argued that the heavy-handed prosecution of McMillan represents the city’s and its police department’s attempt to displace blame for the police violence onto the protesters.

“The main issue here,” said Martin R. Stolar, McMillan’s attorney, “is the heavy-handed, over-policing by the NYPD during the Occupy Wall Street protests, which lead to crimes where none existed. It was a normal reaction for a woman to react, to be startled after having her right breast grabbed.”

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McMillan suffered a seizure when New York City police officers pulled her from the crowd and arrested her as hundreds attempted to re-occupy Zuccotti Park on Saturday to mark six months since the launch of the movement. In her first interview since her arrest, McMillan says she has decided to speak out because of an outpouring of public support. "I have received so many emails and twitters and messages and phone calls, and people [are] just really horrified about what happened to me."

McMillan has a black eye, and her body is covered in bruises, at least one in the shape of a handprint. She says she was not allowed to contact an attorney while she was taken to the hospital and transferred to a jail cell along with some of the 72 other detained protesters. Facing charges of police assault and obstructing governmental administration, she was released Monday after a judge denied a request that her bail be set at $20,000. McMillan is Northeast regional organizer for Young Democratic Socialists of America and a graduate student at the New School for Social Research. We’re also joined by Meghan Maurus, McMillan’s attorney and mass defense coordinator at the New York City chapter of the National Lawyers Guild.

Here is another video from that shows how the police watched as McMillan lay there, flopping around on the concrete, while handcuffed.