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LaSalle, CO — Frequent readers of the Free Thought Project know and have seen many examples illustrating that cops will detain, harass, and violate the rights of innocent people simply because they can. We've even seen innocent people sodomized on the roadside by cops looking for non-existent drugs. A common theme throughout all these examples of bad cops is the paid vacations they receive after brutalizing, violating, and killing innocent citizens. Never, however, have we heard a cop actually say they were going to kill someone just to get a paid vacation — until now.

Anthony Mills filed a civil rights lawsuit earlier this year against the city of LaSalle as well as LaSalle Police Officer David Miller. Officer Miller was recorded on his own body camera conspiring to murder Mills. According to the lawsuit and the video, Miller had no idea his microphone was recording when he and another officer conspired to kill the biker.

Now, the taxpayers of Colorado are being held accountable for the officers actions. According to Mercury News, five Colorado police agencies paid $25,000 and issued an apology to the Hells Angels member after an officer two years ago joked that he’d shoot the man to get “paid vacation.”

The incident unfolded on April 8, 2018 as Mills and another friend were riding their motorcycles. Mills is a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (HAMC). As part of the lawsuit, officer Miller's body camera footage was released. What it shows is nothing short of criminal conspiracy to commit murder to receive a paid vacation.

According to the lawsuit, Mills was profiled and held without probable cause. Indeed, the officer brags about holding the bikers without probable cause, simply because he can.

“When police officers openly discuss with one another their disdain for one group of citizens that they are sworn to serve and protect, and make jokes about killing those citizens for ‘paid vacation leave,’ they normalize police misconduct and murder,” Mills’ attorney, Sarah Schielke, said in a news release announcing the settlement. “Cop jokes about some lives not mattering inevitably fosters a culture of police officers who are much more willing to pull the trigger on those same lives later.”

As the video shows, Miller pulls the bikers over and tells them they were "going way too fast." After getting their information, Miller goes back to the car where he conspires to violate their 4th Amendment right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.

"I have no problem holding these motherf**kers until Greely gets down here," Miller says. Greely is a police department in a neighboring county and Miller was going to apparently show off his catch. The officer then goes on to admit he profiled the bikers and admits their department has a policy of violating their rights.

"So, they have on Hells Angels jackets. Any time we deal with these guys, we call in," the officer says. Miller's fellow officer also conspires to violate the rights of the bikers as well. They alert nearby jurisdictions, telling them they also plan on violating the bikers rights.

As they wait for officers from the Greely police department to arrive, Miller expresses his excitement in violating the rights of the bikers.

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"I'm good, I'm alright, I mean, we get to f**k with HAMC," the bad cops says before admitting that he almost tasered the bikers as they were riding down the road.

"I almost tazed the guy off the motorcycle," Miller says, admitting to an act that could be classified as attempted murder. "He tried to go around me while slowing down, so I was going to taze him but he had a passenger on the back of the bike, so."

That is when one of the most telling admissions we've ever reported on was made by this tyrant cop.

An unidentified officer is heard in the background saying, "If either one of them gets it, it's the tall dude."

Miller then says, "I'm shootin' him. I need some paid vacation."

"Hahaha," the other officer laughs before agreeing with Miller. "That's what I am saying. If any one of them gets it, it's the tall dude."

As Mills waited patiently on his motorcycle in front of the officers, he had no idea, they were plotting his murder 20 feet behind him. But that is exactly what was going on.

After plotting to murder the innocent biker, the unidentified cop realizes that they may be recording themselves on their body cameras. "We have body cameras?" he asks.

"We do, but they are off," Miller replies. But they were not off and these cops were caught red-handed. After plotting murder, the cops then brag about stealing their motorcycle and searching it without probable cause.

Now, as we predicted, the taxpayers were held liable for the actions of these two tyrants and their policy to profile, violate, and plot murder.

Officer David Miller remained a cop with the LaSalle department for two years after making these statements. The department chalked it up to a tasteless joke and Miller was allowed to stay on until he voluntarily resigned this year.