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A swat team and police tank were deployed to a residence in Fairfax Co. Virginia which lead to an unarmed man being gunned down in his home. The reason for this brutal show of force by the state was that they received a 911 call from a woman stating that, "The man had weapons."

According to NBC News Washington,

John Geer, 46, of Pebble Brook Court, was killed by police last month after barricading himself in his home.

Officers were called about a domestic disturbance that may involve a weapon.

Police used a tanker to knock down Geer's front door before going inside.

There is an ongoing criminal investigation into the shooting. The officer is on paid vacation pending the outcome.

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It is a frightening thought to think that any one of us "legal gun owners" could undergo the same overreaction by militarized and aggressive police forces across the country.