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Most people in the United States have similar values. We want to care for our family. We want to be good neighbors. We have compassion and empathy and don’t seek out positions where we can control other people.

Many police officers share these values. The problem is that the institution of government law enforcement as a whole, does not.

First, law enforcement is inherently put into a position of power over ordinary citizens. They can pull drivers over and write tickets. They’re empowered to arrest people, and to decide if a law-breaker should go to jail or be let off. If they shoot a person (even if it’s not in self-defense), most of the time they won’t face any charges.

The problem with this current paradigm is that power corrupts, and it’s also magnetic to the corruptible. The power to decide whether an ordinary citizen should be let off the hook, be tazed and thrown in jail, or even be shot is a heady cocktail, and can corrupt officers. That power is also appealing to those who want to use it in the wrong ways.

The second problem with law enforcement values is that they are just that—enforcement. Many police are heroes, but saving people isn’t actually their job. They are paid to enforce the laws, (no matter how immoral) and often reminded that their jobs depend on strict enforcement.

Strict enforcement could be fine if all laws were just. But with laws against everything from firearms to raw milk, this can put police in a difficult position. If a single mother carries a firearm to protect herself and a cop finds her, do they have mercy or throw her in jail? Most decent human beings—including a number of cops—would choose the first one. But the policeman’s actual job is to choose the second.

Finally, police are increasingly trained to see United States citizens as the enemy. Part of this is because police forces are increasingly furnished with military gear, from assault rifles to tanks. Drive an armored vehicle down the street enough times, and you may start to think you need it to protect yourself. Another part of it stems from the fact that police are constantly told to expect domestic terrorism, and another being the increasing hiring of ex-soldiers.

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A large part of it, however, is the increasing fear that is pounded into officers. Sergeant Glenn French, a SWAT officer and trainer who’s written a book on policing, proudly claims that, “We trainers have spent the past decade trying to ingrain in our students the concept that the American police officer works a battlefield every day he patrols his sector.”

We can see this attitude in play with protests. While some officers treat protesters with dignity, the uniformed men and women in Baltimore and Ferguson responded to protests with threats and violence. These are not the values most Americans wish police possessed.

Americans need a new protection system. We should not be faced with the false dichotomy of being defenseless or of relying on government enforcement agents who don’t always share our values. Law enforcement as we know it has the wrong priorities. It has survived so long because it had no competition.

But now, its days are numbered. The more people who opt out of a government program with the wrong priorities, the sooner law enforcement as we know it will come to an end.

That’s where Peacekeeper comes in.

Peacekeeper is developing a cutting-edge tool that enables people to build and utilize networks of protectors, not enforcers. You’ll be able to add people you know—friends and family—to your Response Group. You’ll be able to call on other Peacekeepers near you for aid and assistance. Your neighbor might be certified medical, your friend might be trained in combat. These are people who can be of great value when a need arises. When you have an emergency, you can send an alert and get help quickly.Peacekeeper is replacing this flawed system with a protection system that meets your needs and shares your values. If you don’t want to be caught between criminals and law enforcement, Peacekeeper offers a solution.

Peacekeeper is replacing this flawed system with a protection system that meets your needs and shares your values. If you don’t want to be caught between criminals and law enforcement, Peacekeeper offers a solution.

We can't waste time fighting the old system, we simply need to stop participating in it. We can build a new system that functions magnitudes more efficiently and that shows the obsolescence of the old.

Peacekeeper is running a Thunderclap campaign to rally support for the development of this project. This is for people who prefer to have fewer enforces and more protectors. you can learn more and join the campaign here.