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Police in Minnesota decided to dole out police brutality, ironically, at a protest against police brutality. 

Saint Paul, MN -- Hours after Philando Castile was murdered by a Minneapolis cop and died on camera, protesters began descending on the Minnesota Governor’s mansion to demand accountability for this heinous act of police brutality.

Protesters have kept up their campaign to this day, but it seems that police finally reached the limits of their tolerance to this peaceful demonstration.

Video footage of the sit-in protest taken yesterday shows cops single out a woman in the crowd and attempt to drag her away, as her colleagues try to hold her back from the cops.

The result is like a tug of war, with the woman suspended in midair, screaming continuously as one cop pulls each leg and the protesters hold on to her upper body.

She appears to be just one of the 69 arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday for "public nuisance and unlawful assembly," as police were on a mission to clear out the encampment.

Tensions were high after an apparent altercation with the owner of the house across the street from the governor’s mansion.

According to subjects in the video, the homeowner had slapped a camera out of a protester’s hand and swung at him. Even though cops were standing there and witnessed the entire incident, the assailant faced no repercussions from the law.

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As the homeowner walks away, things get raucous across the street and the cameraman rushes over. It’s difficult to tell what is being said with all the shouting, but cops appear to be harassing the protesters and attempting to move them away from where they were sitting.

The cameraman notes to the officer that “You already agreed that we were not being arrested for this. We already have an agreement with you on camera. So what are you doing now?

The cop replies with his bullhorn, “We are arresting a specific individual for a specific crime.

The cops then go in to snatch the woman from the crowd, as someone yells repeatedly, “This is our fascist police force!

Curtis Avent, who uploaded the video to Facebook, said in the description, “what the media was too afraid to show the public how cops handle 100lb females throwing up peace signs not being a threat to anyone.

Here’s an idea. Instead of retaliating against peaceful protesters demanding accountability for the murderous actions of police officers, how about actually delivering justice to killer cops? How about changing police tactics that escalate situations and lead to the death of innocent people?

Stop pulling people over for “broken taillights” which is just an excuse for revenue collection and to search the vehicle for substances deemed illegal by the state. Stop pushing an immoral war on drugs. Stop harassing people for victimless behavior.