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Philadelphia, Pa -- The predictable rhetoric from those in law enforcement is that the “brave men and women in blue” are out there putting themselves in harm’s way in order to serve and protect the rest of us.

The reality, of course, is very different.

Consider the number of incidents in which the police have illegally confiscated cameras, deleted video recordings, even arrested people for filming these “public servants” in action. If they are out there being courageous and righteous, why do they exhibit the mentality of “secret police,” wanting to be able to do what they do without be subjected to the public eye?

Over and over again, police have shown utter disdain and contempt for the people they claim to serve, insisting that they should only be investigated and judged by their fellow officers. No matter how much brutality and abuse comes to light, we are continually assured that the only people who need to police the police are… the police.

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Lodge number five of the Fraternal Order of Police, a union representing police and sheriff’s deputies in Philadelphia, is now trying to prevent the public from learning the names of police officers who shoot people. Yes, you read that right: police unions don’t believe you have a right to know when they shoot people.

The issue came up as a result of recommendations made by the federal Department of Justice, after their investigation into the use of force practiced by Philadelphia police. In response to the recommendations, FOP President John McNesby stated that the FOP is

“vehemently opposed to the release of [officers] names who have been involved in police shootings,” adding, “we will continue to protect our police officers and their families.”

Of course, the FOP’s priority is to “protect” murderers with badges which, of course, would make everyone else far less safe. In short, the Philadelphia police are seeking a “license to kill” - and to kill anonymously - without having to face any public scorn or condemnation for their actions.

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