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Ferguson, Mo. – Plans are underway for martial law type scenarios as Missouri law enforcement has been holding meetings 2-3 times per week that include the military and FBI, according to people who have attended them.

Missouri law enforcement has been seeking intelligence from police departments across the U.S. on what they call out-of-state agitators. In reality, they are attempting to squeeze the independent media in hopes of using a main stream media filter to keep Americans in the dark about what is truly transpiring on the ground as this manifest injustice occurs.

Activities to usurp independent media from coming to Ferguson have already begun in other parts of the country.

Charlie Grapski, a independent journalist with PINAC who heads their Open Records Project, was arrested and transported to a mental health facility under the Baker Act, which is a Florida state law that allows the involuntary detainment of citizens if they show signs of mental illness along with signs they are a threat to themselves or others.

Grapski was scheduled to fly out to Ferguson on Thursday, October 9. He was called in to meet with his probation agent under the guise of signing some paperwork. When he went to the meeting she told him that she was revoking his permission to go to Ferguson, for which he had been granted permission on Monday.

The probation agent told Grapski that his permission to travel out of state was revoked because he had been tweeting that he was flying to Ferguson to commit acts of violence, a baseless and complete lie.

Upon leaving the office, while sitting in a car outside the building with his father to call his attorney, a SWAT team arrived and arrested him, placing him on a mental health hold. These are the same tactics employed by the former Soviet Union to silence dissent during the Cold War.


Shaun King, an activist and journalist for the Daily Kos, also recently released some startling information. King has been intimately involved with the developments on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri following the killing of Mike Brown.

On Friday, King revealed some extremely disturbing developments via Twitter.

He stated that he had received information from a member of the military, speaking confidentially, that told him that his unit was told that they needed to prepare for riots in Ferguson and St. Louis very soon.

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The soldier said his commanders specifically communicated that they did not expect Darren Wilson to be indicted and that it could be announced by October 15.

The young man also stated that they had been doing early morning drills to prepare for riots and how to shut them down.There was confirmation from at least a half a dozen eyewitnesses, in and around Ferguson, that they had seen late night military drills being undertaken. In addition another source confirmed to King that plans are in the works to shut down St. Louis airport and highways in the case of riots.

An officer, speaking confidentially, stated that they had received orders that they could not go on leave because of what is coming soon.

There is a concerted and organized effort already underway to destabilize protestors and activists. This includes doubling and tripling bail amounts of protestors as a means of discouraging them from making their voices heard.

Protestors and organizers have already been subject to law enforcement coming to their homes and attempting to intimidate them in hopes of silencing dissent, according to King.

These activities are being undertaken not as precautionary measures, as the fix has been in since the beginning, but are rather actual preparations for the eventual repercussions of the inept investigation and cover-up of Brown’s murder.

Why would a grand jury even be needed when there are 6 different eyewitnesses that claim Brown had his hands up when he was shot? If it were you or I, all it would take is one eyewitness or less to be arrested.

It has also been announced that St. Louis County PD will be taking over protest management for Ferguson.

Understand what is coming; plans are underway to declare martial law in Missouri, the groundwork is being laid.

Perhaps if as much effort went into fixing the backwards and broken system in Missouri as they have put into thwarting constitutionally protected dissent they wouldn’t be in the circumstances they currently find themselves in.

This is the most glaring example America has to offer of the full on police state. Law enforcement and military working hand in hand to forward a narrative that suits their interests, while attempting to crush any and all legitimate dissent in the process.

The concert of events taking place are reminiscent of the tactics employed by the old Soviet Union, to see this taking place in America is a disgrace and should raise the red flag of all Americans that tyranny is closer than you think.

Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, freethinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay's work has previously been published on and You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis and on Facebook at Sir Metropolis