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Dallas, TX -- Three North Texas Police Departments have joined forces in a new and unscrupulous manner to write even more tickets.

Texting while driving is most certainly an irresponsible practice and should be shunned. However, the disgraceful lengths to which cops will go in the name of revenue collection are far more deplorable.

When most people drive down the interstate, they reasonably assume that they are free from being spied on while inside their vehicles. And, until now, that was an accurate assumption.

In a deafening blow to privacy, however, Texas police have begun clandestine operations to look into your vehicle as you drive down the road in an effort find anything they can to write you a ticket.

Using money collected from the tax farm, police have acquired an "eco tour bus" and are using it to peer into unsuspecting vehicles. While on the surface this initiative may seem harmless and for the "benefit of the public good," it is anything but.

Aptly named the Covert Joint Mobile Mission, Texas cops are now invading what little expectation of privacy motorists previously had in their own vehicles. Similar to the unconstitutional nature of a DUI checkpoint, cops will look into every single vehicle they see - including the ones belonging to the overwhelming majority of entirely innocent drivers.

This new level of big brother is despicably low.

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Not only does this novel tactic leave the door wide open for abuse, but it shows just how far the state is willing to go to collect revenue.

As Officer Greg Parker, with the Grand Prairie Police Department says, this van will be used to target those without seatbelts, as well as those texting while driving.

"Everyone drives safe when they see that marked black and white (car) up and around them. It's what people do when they think they're not being watched: that's when the crashes occur, that's when they drive unsafely," explains officer Parker.

Notice the twisted logic applied by officer Parker in the statement above. If they were genuinely concerned with the safety of the citizens, police wouldn't attempt to trick them into driving unsafely to collect revenue from them.

Below is the Orwellian news report from FOX 4 News, who unquestioningly presents these new tactics by police without bringing up the rights-violating nature of the program.

Please share this story with your friends and family, so they don't fall victim to these Orwellian new tactics.